Thursday, September 16, 2010


Molly's favourite holiday Halloween is just around the corner, and I've begun the long process of yard decoration. There is unfortunately a really scary part of this holiday that out spooks any graveyard gremlin. I'm talking about the vampires in the international chocolate industry who prey on the blood of child workers. This Halloween the International Labor Rights Forum is presenting a selection of ways that you can help drive a stake into the heart of these blood suckers. Here's the story. >>>
Three Ways to Stop Child Labor in the Chocolate Industry!‏

Take Action to End Child Labor in the Cocoa Industry!
It has been almost a decade since major chocolate companies committed to ending abusive child labor, forced labor and trafficking in their cocoa supply chains, but these abuses continue today. It is time to finally put an end to these egregious labor rights violations and ensure decent work for cocoa farmers. Together we CAN make a difference in the chocolate industry! Check out these new and exciting ways to take action.

1)Check out ILRF's new report on Hershey;
2)Host a Dark Side of Chocolate screening;
3)Sign up for Reverse Trick-or-Treating.
New Report on Hershey

This week, Hershey released it's first ever corporate social responsibility (CSR) report. In response, ILRF joined with Global Exchange, Green America and Oasis USA in publishing a new analysis of Hershey's CSR activities (particularly its cocoa purchasing), Time to Raise the Bar: The Real Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the Hershey Company. The report finds that Hershey lags behind its competitors in ensuring that its cocoa is produced without child labor and other abuses. You can check out the report here. After you read the report, take action by going to Hershey's CSR survey and telling Hershey that you will not be satisfied with the company's performance and transparency until it begins to source Fair Trade Certified cocoa and implement the recommendations of the "Time to Raise the Bar" report.
Host a Dark Side of Chocolate Screening

The Dark Side of Chocolate is a new documentary by U. Roberto Romano and Miki Mistrati that exposes the ongoing use of child, forced and trafficked labor in the cocoa industry in the Ivory Coast. It is a powerful film that should be seen by all chocolate consumers. Join ILRF and our campaign partners in hosting a local screening of the film. We are encouraging people across the country to show the film to their family, friends and communities throughout October 2010, especially during a national week of action starting on October 25th and culminating on Halloween.

Click here to order your copy of the Dark Side of Chocolate.

Sign up for Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Once again, ILRF is joining a broad range of organizations across the US and Canada to support Reverse Trick-or-Treating. As part of this fun action, young people go door to door in their communities handing out Fair Trade Certified chocolate and spreading awareness about labor abuses in the cocoa industry as they go trick-or-treating on Halloween. Sign up at NOW to participate! Make sure to indicate in your order form that you heard about Reverse Trick-or-Treating from the International Labor Rights Forum.

This message was brought to you by the International Labor Rights Forum.

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