Monday, December 31, 2012

     Once more it has been an extended time since I posted here. All this time I have been quite (excessively ?) active on Facebook, Almost always reposting the stories of others. If this blog continues to exist it has to have some purpose. I think that its purpose is to be a sounding board for my own personal opinions. Too bad that it can no longer be a collection of links to other anarchist sites. All my links got dumped into the aether when I foolishly signed up for the 'new look' Blogger. Live and learn I guess, though I greatly miss all the hours I put into that list.

     All that being said I have delayed the second part of this article far too long. This has been not only because of a lack of time. In setting my beliefs out I have found that I have changed my opinion in the many years since I first formulated it. I am still of the opinion that managerial societies have been and will be racked by periodic crises and that the triggers for such crises are something beyond simple economics. What I now doubt is that idea that they can be predicted in terms of timing. The problem comes with the variable nature of such crises. When the duration of a crisis varies, and it is hard to set a reference point in terms of beginning, middle and end it is pure hubris to imagine that one can calculate a predictable timeline.

      I's still like to return to thius subject, but other matters call for attention. See you soon.