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As part of the cleanup that never ends I recently came across a series of old publications ie the 'Discussion Bulletin' published by Frank Girard down Michegan way. The issues in question date to the late 80s/early 90s. Appreciate what this means. This was pre-internet days when a decently working photocopier was the height of technology. Unfortunately Frank never had access to such a good machine, and the DB usually came out looking exactly like what it was ie a photocopy effort.

The DB, however, was never meant to be an 'outreach' publication. As an expelled member of the American DeLenist 'Socialist Labor Party' Franks' idea was that there was no great reason why the various strains of libertarian socialism should remain apart from each other. The DB was an attempt and a noble one at just such a dialogue. Frank has not been with us for many years now, and in his absence the barriers on the libertarian left remain what they have been for decades.

Perhaps Frank's dream is an impossibility because any "union" would have to plaster over wide gaps in terms of tactics (and "theory" of course insofar as 'theory' is far too often the only action that far left groupuscles engage in). I also wonder if many of the organizations who wrote items for the DB in those days are also just as deceased as Frank.

Looking back I find that the first thing that comes to my mind is just how trivial all the disputes in places such as the DB were. By this I mean 'unimportant'. It was very much a matter of individuals speaking to organizations that had less than 50 members worldwide and their replies. Not that the dialogue wasn't at a high level; indeed far higher than the nonsense that comes out of academic leftydom these days. Almost all the people contributed to the DB were far removed from that hothouse.

As one of the participants in this project I also found what I wrote at the time quite trivial. It was not a hopeful time. The revival of anarchism via the "punk scene" was very much a tiny baby at the time. Seattle and the internet were (not so) far in the future. The situation nowadays is so incredibly different. In those days of yore pretty well everyone who claimed the anarchist labels felt an overwhelming sense of "responsibility". It's quite different today when anarchist bookfairs are occurring in what are actually small cities, and anarchism has to all intents replaced Marxism as the default theoretical position for younger people as they enter the wild and wacky world of activism.

When the ideology that you hold demands proselytizing you feel a much greater sense of responsibility when it is small compared to when it is large. Once there are is a certain number of people involved in any project it relieves the burden on all in such a group because if you can't do it somebody else who can is near at hand. There is actually a great amount of peace in recognizing that you are NOT indispensable, that whatever mistakes you make can easily be corrected by others. I love it.

I also love the fact that the anarchist movement has expanded beyond belief from when I first adopted the ideology in the early 70s. I can remember the state of the anarchist movement in Canada in those days. In terms of sheer naked numbers and geographical penetration what exists today represents a growth of between one and two orders of magnitude. I am always thrilled when I see a notice of an anarchist bookfair in a town that this amateur geographer has never heard of.

How to sum up ? Having lived through the growth of anarchism in the past few decades I am pleased, but I am also worried about certain trends in the movement. What non-CGT anarchism has achieved is actually only an acceptance ie a long term general sympathy from what hovers around 0.03% of the population. That's better than what I saw in my day, but it is also far less than what I estimate in Spain where, courtesy of the CGT, perhaps 5% of the population has a long term favourable view of anarchism. Anarchism, however, has even here for better or for worse crossed a threshold. It is now possible for a person to immerse themselves in some "counter-culture" of which anarchism is a part and be deluded about their actual strength because they cannot see beyond their social circles.

Of course I also know that such things as "victory", "influence" and "popularity" are things that are just not thought about amongst a certain section of anarchism in North America. Mostly because they are very happy to be separated from (and in their delusions superior to) the average person in their locality. All these people care about is their absolute certainty in what they believe this month.

I do also recognize that many of the faults I find with a certain (mostly American) anarchism is simple intellectual laziness. The history about the futility of 'terrorist tactics' is there for anyone to view. The revolutionary verbiage comes crashing up against the fact that the great 99% in most industrial countries wants to try no such thing. Neither do they generally listen to any left wing, let alone anarchist, comment. All of which, of course, is a call for people to reform their writing style both in terms of content but also in terms of tone.

All of which doesn't say that anarchism has no future. It merely says that along term view is necessary to appreciate BOTH how anarchism has grown and just how much further it has to go.

Sunday, May 22, 2011



This appeal from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) asks you to join the 'Raise the Rates' contingent at the upcoming Canadian Union Of Public Employees Ontario (CUPE) convention. This is for our readers down Ontario way.

Join OCAP at CUPE Ontario Rally: Thursday, May 26th 12Noon‏

Join the OCAP Raise the Rates Contingent at the CUPE Ontario Rally:

Meet: Thursday, May 26, Noon at the Sheraton Centre, 393 Queen Street West (at York - across from City Hall)

This coming Thursday, CUPE Ontario will be holding a rally during their Annual Convention in Toronto. It will demand decent jobs, improved public services as well as a raise in social assistance rates (OW/ODSP), a living wage, and restoration of the Special Diet.

For the last year (since 2010 Convention and the passing of a 'Raise the Rates' Resolution), OCAP has been working closely with CUPE Ontario to push forward jointly the 'Raise the Rates Campaign' to demand of the McGuinty Provincial Government a reversal of the Harris era cuts, a raise in Social Assistance rates to where people can live with health and dignity, and a restoration of the Special Diet Allowance.

We have developed a 'train the trainers' for CUPE members on 'why social assistance is a worker's issue' and how to concretely get involved in the campaign (see here: ). We have had the chance to meet with CUPE members at sectoral conferences and in locals from Windsor to Ottawa to North Bay and beyond; building CUPE-community Raise the Rates alliances wherever possible. This work is ongoing and we know all too well that the broader fight back against austerity is only just beginning. Solidarity and alliances between poor communities and public sector workers is more important now than ever before!

Join with OCAP and the Raise the Rates Contingent on Thursday, May 26th as we march to Queen's Park and fight alongside public sector workers to defend public services and those who deliver them.

Join the Raise the Rates Campaign:

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty 416-925-6939


pls forward widely All community allies, activists, workers, students, Torontonians, are invited to a RALLY!


Thurs May 26 Noon

@ Sheraton Hotel, 123 Queen St.

*This rally is held during CUPE Ontario’s Convention and ends at Queen’s Park In the lead up to the provincial election on October 6 there is an opportunity to make a difference in the province of Ontario. You are invited to join members of CUPE Ontario during their annual Convention to send a message to the provincial government.


1.AN END TO POVERTY: A raise in social assistance rates, a livable wage and a full restoration of the Special Diet allowance

2.PUBLIC SERVICES: An increase in public funding to services like: housing, childcare and post-secondary education to ensure key services are public and accessible for all

3.GOOD JOBS: Strengthen employment standards, safety provisions, sick pay and restore anti-scab laws and card certification

Join CUPE Ontario to send a message about poverty and public services in Ontario. Tell this government what kind of Ontario we want & need!

Bring your flags, noise makers and voice! *Wheel-trains vehicle provided

Thursday, May 19, 2011



How different from when I was young. Anarchist festivals in 'Calgary' !!!!

Time Friday, May 27 at 6:00pm - May 29 at 4:00pm


Location The Old Y for Communities, 223 12th Avenue SW Calgary, Canada

More Info
The Calgary Anarchist Bookfair Committee is happy to announce the 2011 Festival of Anarchy in Calgary from May 27th-29th!


May 27 -
5:30 pm Critical Mass ride leaving from the Good Life Community Bicycle Shop in Eau Claire
8 pm Divergence presents a queer film night at the Old Y
10 pm Anarchy Mixer!
May 28 -
Zinester readings, 1-6pm vending/workshops time available, evening film and presentation
May 29 – Anarchist Black Cross fundraising brunch, workshops and vending available 12-4pm, afternoon games (outside and indoor)

The Old Y for Communities, 223 12th Avenue SW Calgary, Canada

Because Calgary needs some radicalizing and it's great to get together and share some knowledge!

please let us know if you are able to attend. We look forward to working with you!

More info at:

Sunday, May 15, 2011



It's been decades since I voted in any governmental elections (the associations that I belong to don't count). Still, like a reformed smoker, I find myself glued to the TV as election results pour in. The recent election results here in Canada were, if nothing else, interesting. It's been almost two weeks so far, and I have yet to hear the 5:00 am knock at the door that signals that Stephan Harper's friends have come to take me away to the re-education camp. Not that such a thing is beyond him or his buddies, but I give him more credit than that for intelligence.

This election was a do or die affair for Harper and also for the Conservative Party. Without a win Harper would be gone, and the next leader would have either been from the wacky fringe of Biblical literalists (think Stockwell Day) or would have had nowhere near the talent and vision of Harper. Make no mistake about it; Harper does indeed have what has been called his "hidden agenda", but he also has the realism that says that this horror should be imposed by a thousand cuts rather than a "revolution". Look to more of the same with, of course, a bit more corruption and a bit more arrogance in terms of corporate giveaways. In other words a slim Conservative majority will be about the same, though a bit sleazier, as a Conservative minority government. The sky hasn't fallen nor have the evangelical militias come to take your poor little scribe away.

It's true that to borrow the old and hoary Zen koan form, "before the election life goes on; during the election things become confused and after the election life goes on". Unless, of course, you are a Liberal or BQiste. For them the sky did indeed fall and rather spectacularly. To all intents the BQ is finished, and it would be better for them to fold up with as much grace as they can muster. They've always occupied a rather odd spot in the Canadian political spectrum anyways. As for the Liberals it is exceedingly hard to feel any sympathy for them. While in power they became almost as arrogant and crooked as the Conservatives...which takes some doing. Whether they remain as a rump of their past glory depends pretty well exclusively on what the NDP does with its new-found status as official opposition. Nothing !!!! the Liberals can do on their own matters very much.

The NDP. I think it goes without saying that nobody expected the surge in NDP support on election night, even the NDP themselves with their bluster about Layton as Prime Minister. Not that this new status is without its dangers. The natural tendency of a party like the NDP would be to swing right and vacuum up the Liberal support. There is, however, a limit to this in the fact that the majority of their sitting members come from Québec. Not all of these people are "symbolic candidates" who got elected on the party's coat-tails. A good number of them will want policy that is to the left of where the NDP is presently, let alone where they would have to go to sponge up Liberal support. I'm surprised that more people haven't noticed the historical parallels to the explosion of Social Credit support in Québec, and what happened subsequently.

So where does that leave us Canadians ? I can say that I wasn't disappointed by the NDP surge even though I have few illusions about the Party. They ran what has probably been one of the most effective campaigns in Canadian political history, carefully avoiding the over-the-top attack rhetoric of both the Conservatives and Liberals. They were also able to distract attention from the fact that they had little in the way of large scale vision and policy by making a few attractive promises and using the emotional buzz words to far greater effect than the old parties. I honestly believe that if you were to read the speeches of Layton as compared to those of Harper that you would find that Layton used the term "family" far more than than the 'Family Guy Harper'.

I can also say, however, that I was disappointed that we didn't have another minority government. That configuration sets much more comfortable limits on the damage that a political party can do. Which spins us back to Harper again. No doubt there is a selection of the so-called "radical" political class that is quaking in its boots over the removal of the petty funding it has been provided with for many years to pretend to be an opposition. The main result of Harper's first (and one hopes only) term will be a redivision of the spoils as debts are collected so to speak. I have little doubt that Harper does indeed have a "hidden agenda", but he also has a public one that he has hardly been shy about expressing. What the guy wants to do is build a long lasting "conservative consensus" in the country. This doesn't preclude "paying off his buddies". I would expect an ever accelerating number of scandals as Conservative politics seems to attract a great number of people who are "down to the bone crooked". I think, however, that both Harper's friends and his enemies seriously underestimate both his cunning and his opportunism.

So, as I said, I expect very much more of the same in the days to come. I am not complaining too much. For a much more pessimistic view of Canada's politics I refer the reader to a recent item at the Porkupine Blog. On a personal note I am happy that the Greens got a member elected, but I wish it could have been somebody other than Elizabeth May. This isn't solely because her opportunism puts Harper to shame nor is it because she is the right wing favourite in a party whose ideological infighting supasses that of the NDP (Conservatives and Liberals, like countries, have no friends or beliefs...only interests). It finally came to me appropriately enough while I was taking a leak. The reason she inspires a visceral dislike in me is because her act could best be described as that of an elementary school teacher strung out on amphetamines.



Coming up soon here in Winnipeg: the book launch of the graphic novel 'The Listener' about the political propaganda surrounding the rise of teh Nazis to power in Germany. Down at the Mondragon - 81 Albert St.

David Lester & Mecca Normal Present "The Listener"
Time Wednesday, June 8 · 7:30pm - 10:30pm


Location Mondragon Bookstore & Coffee House
91 Albert St
Winnipeg, Manitoba


More Info

Arbeiter Ring Publishers & CKUW Present:
THE LISTENER - Book Launch By David Lester & Performance by Matador Records artists Mecca Normal.

What is THE LISTENER about:

...The Listener, a 312-page graphic novel by David Lester reveals a tragic act of spin doctoring that changed the course of history. Complacency, art and murder collide in Hitler's terrible rise to power in 1933, and in the artist Louise Shearing's search for meaning in the art of Europe after the fictional modern death of a political activist.

Who is David Lester:

David Lester is a painter, graphic designer, cartoonist, and the guitarist in the rock duo Mecca Normal (13 albums on K Records, Matador and Kill Rock Starts). His book, The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism went into a revised second printing and has been required reading in a university English course called Studies in Contemporary Literature. He has created the poster series “Inspired Agitators,” archived at The Center for the Study of Political Graphics in Los Angeles, and designed the popular t-shirt “Actually, I like crap.” Lester also does a weekly illustration, with text by Mecca Normal bandmate Jean Smith, for Magnet Magazine. His art has been published in DrippyTown #4, Warburger (Slovenia), MungBeing, Z Magazine, Reproduce & Revolt: A Graphic Toolbox for the 21st Century Activist (AK Press), Celebrate People’s History (Feminist Press), and The San Diego Reader.

Who is Jean Smith:

Jean Smith is the author of two published novels and a two-time recipient of Canada Council for the Arts awards as a professional writer of creative fiction. Excerpts of her fiction and articles on culture have appeared in Village Voice, NPR online, the American Book Award winning anthology Sounding Off!: Music as Resistance / Rebellion / Revolution, The Globe & Mail, the New York Foundation of Arts' Current magazine, Rolling Stone, Review of Contemporary Fiction, McSweeney's, and 3:AM Literary Magazine. Editors at Magnet and MungBeing Literary Magazine nominated excerpts of Smith’s fiction for the 2010 Pushcart Prize.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011



All across the "developed" world temporary workers, often referred to as "guestworkers" are employed usually at much lower wages and longer hours than workers in the country they are "imported to". Here's an item from the Jobs With Justice group asking all US citizens to support legislation that would extend equal labour rights to 'guestworkers' in that country.

Support Collective Bargaining Rights for ALL workers‏

Every year, thousands of workers come to the United States via the H-2B guestworker visa program. Under this program, a workers' visa is tied to his or her employer, giving their bosses a great deal of control over their lives. All too often, workers in the US on the H-2B visa find themselves in unfair, unsafe, or even illegal work situations, but because their immigration status is tied to their employer, it is very difficult to organize for better working conditions. You may remember the story of Hilario Jimenez, a guestworker who escaped company housing to expose his employers for using taxpayer money to exploit migrant workers while excluding local workers from jobs.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. On March 17, 2011, the National Guestworker Alliance won a major victory and a vindication of five years of organizing, advocacy, and litigation as the Department of Labor (DOL) proposed new regulations of the H-2B non-agricultural visa program. The proposed regulations would ensure that workers in the U.S. through this program are not trapped in debt to recruiters and do not face retaliation for organizing to become members of workers’ centers or unions. The new regulations would also ensure that employers keep their promises to workers about the type of work, working conditions, and hours they will have, and that if they break the rules they are punished.

Big businesses are gearing up to fight these new rules that would protect workers’ rights.

Support the rights of ALL workers to organize! The DOL is accepting comments on the new regulations until May 17th.


Please personalize the sample comments below.

I believe in dignified work, just migration, and equality for all workers. [ Include your personal experience/ opinion on why these rights are important for guestworkers and U.S. workers].

The current H-2B program does not protect workers. Under the current rules, debt, retaliation, and a lack of enforcement block workers from organizing and defending their rights. Any time a worker’s visa is tied to his employer, the employer has a lot of control.

I support DOL’s new proposed rules for the H-2B program because I believe:

1) Workers should not be trapped in Debt. Employers should pay the costs of a workers’ travel, visa, and recruitment for an H-2B job. U.S. employers should be responsible for actions by their agents and recruiters.

2) Employers should keep with their promises about the job. Employers should have to comply with their promises about the type of work, working conditions, and hours. Job contractors should not be allowed to bring in H-2B workers. Workers should receive copies of the paperwork filed with the government describing their job so they can defend their rights.

3) Workers should not face retaliation for organizing. Employers should not retaliate against workers who organize and become members of Workers’ Centers or unions. DOL should protect a worker’s right to continue working and not face deportation if the employer retaliates against him.

4) Employers who break the rules should be punished. They should have to pay the workers what they are owed. If they break the rules, they should not be able to bring in more H-2B workers. Workers should be able to participate in the administrative processes to make sure this happens. Workers are experts on their workplace and have the information to help make sure employers cannot continue to break the rules and exploit future workers.

I support the more detailed comments of the National Guestworker Alliance. They are a membership organization of guestworkers, and they know the solutions to make this program more fair for the workers and their families.

Monday, May 09, 2011



Well now that the great raison d'être for America's far flung wars is safely swimming with the fishies it might just be time for that country to question why they continue to fight. A peace coalition called the Three Million Strong March On Washington is planning to drive this point home next July 1. Here's their announcement.

Anti-War Rallies and Demonstrations
Friday, July 1 at 8:00am - July 4 at 4:00pm

Location Everywhere USA


More Info

Glen Ford recently wrote in the Black Agenda that Americans no longer support the Anti- War movement because there is a Democratic President in office. Let's prove him wrong on his analysis. Party Politics Be Damned when it comes to war - we should all be working towards a more peaceful and just planet. www.htp:// is an organize locally page for the Three Million Strong March on Washington. I challenge each of you to use it to organize an Anti-War rally in your area over the 4th of July weekend. Let's show the world what the American people are really about.

Three Suggestions -
1. You should be peaceful and respectful
2. You should not condemn our brothers and sisters in Uniform. They are not the problem of war, they are simply doing what they believe is right for their country.
3. Since this is the month President Obama has made clear he will begin withdrawal from Afghanistan, your protest/rally should reflect that.

Printable flyers at

Once you've organized please announce your action here, no matter how big or's important, even if you only have a few folks, every person, or group of people count. Also - please photograph your action/s and send them to us --so we can organize pictures prior to, during, and after-wards.

Sunday, May 08, 2011



The following event is sponsored by the Winnipeg Copwatch.

Run For Rights - Winnipeg Copwatch
Time Saturday, June 4 · 8:30am - 11:30am


Location Kildonan Park
2021 Main St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Created By Winnipeg Copwatch

More Info

Winnipeg Copwatch in a volunteer-run, grassroots organization that monitors the police, working to end police brutality and misconduct and increase police accountability .

Run For Rights ( ) is organized by a coalition of Winnipeg groups working for human rights, including Winnipeg Copwatch. There are multiple ways in which you can help out:
*You can go to the Run For Rights website and download and
print off a pledge form for Winnipeg Copwatch, if you would
like to participate in the Run yourself.

*You can participate on behalf of the entire coalition where
all the funds you raise get spread out amongst the 17 coalition
members, also visit the Run For Rights website and download
and print a Coalition pledge form.

*You can message Winnipeg Copwatch on facebook or at our
email address ( ) letting us know how
much you would like to pledge one of our volunteer runners,
along with your phone number so we can get a hold of you.

*For those out-of-towners on our friends list who would like to
contribute, we will (more than) gladly accept mail-in donations
of cash, cheques or money orders. Please mail those donations

Winnipeg Copwatch
2F-91 Albert St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 1G5

Copwatch does not receive any funding from the government or private funders, but from supportive community members, so this is a very important fundraising event for our organization. This year in particular, our 5th anniversary, when we are organizing an international conference ( ), funds will not only go to our regular operating costs, but also to bring in fabulous keynote speakers, panelists, workshop presenters and will ensure that we put on the best conference about policing that we can.

If you would like to participate in the event, you are encouraged to do so in any way you feel comfortable, either 5KM or 10KM:
*Wheel (skateboard, wheelchair, bike, scooter, rollerblade)

It's a fun, non-competitive event that is a great way to spend a Saturday morning! Everyone is welcome.

Thursday, May 05, 2011



The premier anarcho-event of the year, the Montréal Anarchist Bookfair, is coming up on May 20 to 22. Here are three requests from the organizers. Help out if you can. La version français suit ci-dessus.

Volunteers / Adopt-an-anarchist / Kids Zone (Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, May 21-22)‏
Anarchiste Bookfair MONTRÉAL Salon Anarchiste Bookfair


[Please post and forward widely] [en français ici:]

We need your help; three important requests for support from the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair collective:
More info below ...

The Bookfair relies on the support of volunteers. On Friday evening (20 May), Saturday (21 May) and Sunday (22 May), we need help with making signs, set-up and take-down, staffing the welcome table and a variety of other tasks. Volunteering at the bookfair is fun as well as a great way to meet interesting people and to support a key event for North American radical movements.

If you're from the Montreal area and can help as a volunteer during the Bookfair (21-22 May), please come out to one of the (brief!) volunteer orientation meetings at:

5:30 PM, Tuesday May 10th; OR 5:30 PM, Monday May 16
QPIRG Concordia
1500 de Maisonneuve O., suite 204
Please confirm beforehand: 514-679-5800 (please leave a message)
Volunteer meetings are the easiest way for us to fit you in, BUT if you would like to help and can't make either of these times (because you are out of town or not available), please do get in touch anyway. We can certainly use your help!


The Bookfair always attracts a large number of participants from outside Montreal. We are currently looking for people living in Montreal who might be able to offer housing to out-of-town bookfair participants for a few nights. If you can help, please contact us as soon as possible at 514-679-5800 or with the following information:

--number and type of sleeping spaces (e.g. private room, bed, couch in living room, mat, floor space, etc.)?
--which nights could people stay with you?
--any limitations in terms of gender of person staying with you?
--is your place kid-friendly or do you have kids?
--accessibility of your place to wheelchairs?
--do you smoke or would you allow smoking?
--do you have any pets or would you allow pets?
--what area do you live in and are you near a metro or bus line?

Greetings! -- This is a call-out for folks interested in volunteering their time to help out with childcare and activities at the Kidz Zone during the Anarchist Bookfair. The kids are sure to be lots of fun and there are a variety of radical activities planned (outdoors and crafty). If you would like more information before volunteering don’t hesitate to get in touch. Otherwise, if you are interested, please reply and indicate your availabilities from the time slots posted below and the languages that you speak. Thanks!

(This can be flexible depending on what you have available):

Saturday May 21:
10am -1pm
1pm - 3pm
3pm - 5pm

Sunday, May 22:
10am -1pm
1pm - 3pm
3pm - 5pm
-> liste d’annonces/announcements list :
-> courriel/e-mail:
-> web:
-> facebook:
-> twitter:
-> tél: 514-679-5800
-> poste: Salon du livre Anarchiste de Montréal
1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Suite 204
Montréal, Québec H3G 1N1

Bénévoles recherchés / Hebergez un anarchiste / Zone des enfants (Salon du livre anarchiste de Montréal, 21-22 mai)‏
[svp diffuser largement] [English at: ]

Nous avons besoin de votre aide!:


La tenue du Salon du livre repose en bonne partie sur l'apport de bénévoles. Nous avons besoin d'aide pour le montage et le démontage des salles, l'accueil des participantEs et d'autres tâches le vendredi, samedi et dimanche (20-21-22 mai).

Si vous êtes de la région de Montréal et que vous souhaitez être bénévole lors du Salon du livre, veuillez vous présenter aux rencontres d'orientation des bénévoles qui auront lieu au:

mardi, 10 mai à 17h30 OU lundi 16 mai à 17h30
1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, local 204 (métro Guy-Concordia):

Veuillez confirmer votre présence à l'avance en appelant au 514-679-5800 ou en écrivant à .

Les rencontres d'orientation des bénévoles représentent le meilleur moyen de vous intégrer à l'équipe du Salon du livre. NÉANMOINS, si vous ne pouvez pas participer à ces rencontres, entrez tout de même en contact avec nous.

Le Salon du livre Anarchiste de Montréal attire un nombre important de participantEs de l'extérieur de la ville. Nous sommes présentement à la recherche de personnes habitant Montréal qui pourraient offrir l'hébergement, pour une ou quelques nuits, à des participantEs en provenance de l'extérieur. Si vous pouvez nous aider, contactez-nous le plus rapidement possible, par téléphone au 514-679-5800 ou par courriel à en nous mentionnant l'information suivante :

--le nombre de places disponibles et les conditions (ex: chambre avec lit, divan dans un salon, espace sur le plancher, etc.)
--quelles nuits les participantEs peuvent demeurer avec vous ?
--vos préférences quant au genre (sexe) des personnes hébergées
--votre endroit est-il accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite (chaises roulantes) ?
--votre endroit est-il fumeur ou non-fumeur ?
--avez-vous des animaux ?
--est-ce que vous pouvez hébérger les enfants / est-ce que vous avez vous-même des enfants ?
--vous êtes prôche à quelle métro ou autobus ?

Salut Tout le Monde! -- Ceci est un appel à ceux et celles qui seraient intéresséEs à participer à la garde d'enfants et aux activités de la Zone des enfants durant le Salon du Livre Anarchiste. Il y aura une grande sélection d’activités radicales pour les jeunes (des activités de plein air, des sports, une salle de repos et d’artisanat, et des ateliers pour les enfants curieux et curieuses).

Si vous désirez plus d'informations, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter à l'adresse suivante:

Si vous être intéresséE à être bénévole, veuillez répondre en indiquant vos disponibilités et préférences (selon les plages-horaire ci-dessous) ainsi que les langues que vous parlez. Merci!

(ceci peut être flexible, en fonction de vos disponibilités)

samedi (21 mai):

dimanche (22 mai):

-> liste d’annonces/announcements list :
-> courriel/e-mail:
-> web:
-> facebook:
-> twitter:
-> tél: 514-679-5800
-> poste: Salon du livre Anarchiste de Montréal
1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Suite 204
Montréal, Québec H3G 1N1

Wednesday, May 04, 2011



Happening this afternoon from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Solidarity Picket at Bristol!
Time Wednesday, May 4 · 4:00pm - 6:00pm



Bristol Aerospace
660 Berry
Winnipeg, MB

More Info

CAW 3005 members at Bristol Aerospace have been on strike for a few weeks now, fighting to preserve. So, lets go down and support them, because an injury to one is an injury to all, and we have to all support each other in this messed up world of capitalism and neoliberalism.

Bring your bodies, your spirit, and your union flags!

The Manitoba Federation of Labour is planning a mass picket at 4pm-6pm, Wednesday, May 4th.

For folks who can't make it out on Wednesday afternoons, we're also working on another picket on the morning of Thursday, May 5th, at 10am-12 noon.

Solidarity forever!