Friday, September 17, 2010

Two years ago the Republican party of the USA held their national convention in Minneapolis MN ("just across the border" from beautiful Winnipeg). The usual protests, the usual police agents/provocateurs and the usual arrests happened, and now two years later at least a portion (4 ??) of an original 8 charged with conspiracy are finally coming to trial. It would not be surprising, given the way this sort of thing usually develops, that id there were any "guilty" parties that they would not be amongst those charged. Here from the Defend the RNC 8 group is the promo.>>>
Free "Last Supper" with the RNC 8
Time Tuesday, September 28 · 6:30pm - 8:00pm


Location Walker Church
3104 16th Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN

Created By Defend the RNC 8!

More Info Free "Last Supper" at Walker Church, Tuesday, September 28

Join the RNC 8 and Defense Committee for a free meal at Walker Church on Tuesday, September 28. This will be the "Last Supper" at Walker before trial. Come to connect, talk about the recent developments in the case and get plugged in to organizing around the trial. Oh, and for free food!

Tuesday, September 28
3104 16th Ave. S., Minneapolis

This won't be the last meal with the 8, however. Watch for information on our upcoming Friday night trial event series and free meals for supporters during trial. Stay tuned to and follow us on Indymedia, Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know.

Defend the RNC 8, Free the 4!

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