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Molly mentioned the upcoming Toronto Anarchist Assembly briefly before on this blog. Well, it's almost upon us...April 9 to 11. Looks like an interesting lineup. Here's the details from their website.


April 9, 10, 11

Friends – the anarchist assembly and bookfair is almost here!

It’s time for us to gather. To assemble and talk to each other. To bring together folks who secretly or not so secretly identify with anarchism, and continue to build a larger and more vibrant community. Building on last year’s “Toronto Anarchist Gathering” this will be a bigger and better weekend of events including panel discussions, booktables, workshops, social events and more.

Come participate in a weekend of fun and anarchism at the Toronto Anarchist Assembly on April 9-11th. This will be a space for a wide variety of anarchist individuals, radical political groups, and anti-authoritarian organizations to come together, meet, greet, educate, skill-share, and hear about each other’s projects and plans.

Hopefully this will be an opportunity to educate some people about what anarchism is all about, to encourage people to get involved with some of the organizing and organizations that exist in Toronto, and to provide a space for already-established groups to learn about one another’s work.

If you’re able to help out by making a donation, putting up posters, or volunteering to do childcare, that’d be awesome. Give us a shout at Also please let us know if you have any particular accessibility requests. We’ll do our best to accommodate.

The Toronto Anarchist Assembly is open to anyone who shares our anti-oppressive perspective against classism, sexism, racism, ableism, colonialism, homophobia, and other hierarchical attitudes, practices and crap.

See you there!

FRIDAY APRIL 9 - Bike Pirates (1292 Bloor Street West)(wheelchair accessible)

Panel Discussion: “Anarchism in the 21st Century”


Cindy Milstein is a well-known anarchist and educator. She has been involved with the Institute for Social Ecology in Vermont with Murray Bookchin, as well as the Institute for Anarchist Studies in Montreal. (not confirmed)

Lesley Wood is a longtime anarchist grassroots organizer in Toronto. She is an active member of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, the Toronto Community Mobilization Network against the G8/20, and a Professor at York University.

Karen Emily is an activist and organizer with the Anarchist Black Cross Federation – Toronto, working in support of political prisoners and prisoners of war.

SATURDAY APRIL 10 – The Steelworkers’ Hall, 25 Cecil Street, (near Spadina/College) (wheelchair accessible)

10:30am – 3pm: Bookfair and Workshops

3pm – 4:30pm: Giant Go-Around

5pm – 7pm: Food, Movies, Games

7pm – 12am: Music, Bar, Party

Workshop Schedule (details below):

11:15am – 12:15pm

Room 1: Introduction to Anarchism (Joanna Adamiak and Tom Malleson)

Room 2: Linux for Anarchists (gbby and Patrick)

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Room 1: Indigenous Solidarity and Land Claims (Shiri Pasternak and Heather Dorries)

Room 2: Anarca-Islam (Mohamed Jean Veneuse)

1:45pm – 2:45pm

Room 1: The Black Bloc and Diversity of Tactics (Mandy Hiscocks and Leah Henderson)

Room 2: Gender and Sexuality (Sandra Jeppesen)

SUNDAY APRIL 11 – The Steelworkers’ Hall, 25 Cecil Street, (near Spadina/College) (wheelchair accessible)

10:30am – 5pm: Bookfair and Workshops

Workshop Schedule (details below):

11:15am – 12:15pm

Room 1: Beyond Bars (Anarchist Black Cross Federation - Toronto)

Room 2: How to Start a Radical Anarchist Co-op (Eton Harris)

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Room 1: The Sociology of Radical Community (Richard Day)

Room 2: No One Is Illegal! (S. K. Hussan, Thomas Nail)

1:45pm – 3:45pm

Room 1: The G8/20 and Community Organizing (Mac Scott, Lesley Wood, Hussan)

Room 2: Hands-On Screen Printing (The Beehive Design Collective) (will be 3 hrs)

4:00pm – 5pm

Room 1: Know Your Rights (Movement Defence Committee)

Workshop Descriptions and Bios

Introduction to Anarchism - This will be a general workshop on anarchism, offering a brief overview of its history, highlighting some of the core ideas, detailing the main divergences from the Marxist tradition, and describing some models of contemporary anarchist organizing.

Joanna Adamiak lives, organizes, and studies in Toronto.

Tom Malleson is an organizer with No One Is Illegal, and a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto

Linux for Anarchists – This workshop will introduce GNU/Linux operating systems, and elaborate on why a free and open source operating system should be the first choice for anarchists everywhere. We will look at how the two market leaders, Microsoft and Apple, stifle creativity and collaboration, and explore ways that a GNU/Linux operating system can facilitate openness and knowledge-building. We will share simple installation, setup, and customization tips. This workshop is not just for geeks, though. We encourage everyone, no matter how technically proficient they might be, to join us. Bring a laptop if you have one!

gbby is a professional troll. Patrick is an archivist at the CBC.

Indigenous Solidarity and Land Claims – This workshop will break down the current land claims process and its uses in maintaining a long history of Indigenous dispossession on these lands. We will talk about Indigenous resistance today and the role of allies in the struggle for Indigenous self-determination, emphasizing the need to understand how being an ally has real impacts (both positive and negative) on the possibilities of building a broad based anti-colonial movement.
Shiri Pasternak is an organizer with Barriere Lake Solidarity-Toronto and a member of Circle of Support, an Indigenous solidarity Toronto network. She is also a researcher and writer.

Heather Dorries is a PhD student in Planning at the University of Toronto and her research rethinks the history of planning and municipalization in Canada through the colonial land grab.

How to Start a Radical Anarchist Co-op – This is a "how-to" workshop for groups that want to get a co-op going, including dealing with the state when it comes to legal structure, general policies around non-hierarchically organizing work, conflict resolution, and much more. We’ll talk about what's worked for us over the last 14 years at the Mondragon Bookstore and what we're working on getting better at.

Eton Harris has been a collective member of Mondragon Bookstore & Coffeehouse in Winnipeg since 1998 and is also a member of the newly formed Rudolph Rocker Cultural Centre ("Newly formed" ?????-Molly ).

The Black Bloc and Diversity of Tactics – This workshop will look at where insurrection anarchy tactics intersects with mass mobilization tactics. Discussions on how they work together, how they can work against each other, and how as a movement we can plan strategically to support each other.

Mandy and Leah

Anarchist Perspectives on Gender - We generally understand that gender is socially constructed, meaning that there is nothing essential, natural or presumed that can be said to be true about being female, transgendered or male. Instead we can think about gender as a narrative that we tell ourselves and each other, through our bodies, our clothes, our stories, our embodied desires, etc. Anarchist narratives of gender challenge mainstream assumptions about gender, such as presumed gender roles, gendered divisions of labour, racialized and ableist gendered stereotypes, the presumption that gender equals sexuality, etc. We consider gender as something more dynamic, open-ended and in process. We also consider disruptions to the static gender binary to be crucial to overthrowing white supremacist heteronormative patriarchal colonial capitalism—in other words the interconnected dominant systems of oppression operative in North America today. This workshop will introduce some ideas that might help us think beyond the gender binary, and then provide some space for open-ended discussion of people’s various experiences of gender oppression and liberation, and gender projects that people are engaged in.
Sandra Jeppesen is a Montreal writer, educator and activist, who has been active in
anarchist things for over ten years.

Beyond Bars: A dialogue on prison struggle, and the importance of including prisoners in everyday organizing. Prisoners, whether they are serving time for political actions, or
became politically conscious while incarcerated, know first-hand the brutal lengths of repression in capitalist society, and often offer the most radical critiques and perspectives. Prison writers like Malcolm X and George Jackson have been key in propelling social
justice movements forward and inspiring revolutionary activities on both sides of the walls. Prisons, using physical segregation and censorship, work to silence these vital voices. As anarchists we must renew our commitment to raising prisoners' voices in our work – and not just in "prison-centric" publications and events. It is through strengthening these relationships, and building links between social justice groups, that the movement will grow.
Sara Falconer and karen emily of Toronto Anarchist Black Cross Federation have been working in solidarity with political prisoners for almost a decade, collaborating
on projects including and ,the Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar.

Anarca-Islam - As an anarchist and a Muslim, I have witnessed troubled times as a result of extreme divisions that exist between these two identities and communities. To minimize these divisions, this workshop will argue for an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian Islam, an ‘anarca-Islam’, that disrupts two commonly held beliefs: one, that Islam is necessarily authoritarian and capitalist; two, that anarchism is necessarily anti-religious. From this position I offer ‘anarca-Islam’ which I believe can help open-minded (non-essentialist/non-dogmatic) Muslims and anarchists to better understand each other, and therefore to more effectively collaborate in the context of what Richard JF Day has called the ’newest’ social movements.

Mohamed Jean Veneuse is an academic and activist who self-identifies as a Muslim anarchist.

The Sociology of Radical Community – This workshop asks what are the things that work and don't work, when one is trying to construct an explicitly 'political' alternative of a particular sort, here and now, where we are? For example, an urban infoshop, or a social centre, or a rural ecovillage. If there are people with experience in such things around, which I'm thinking there will be, it might be enjoyable and productive for them to 'theorize' a bi about this complex, deeply important, but much under-discussed topic.

Richard J.F. Day is an autonomy-oriented theorist and practitioner, whose work focuses on creating non-statist, non-capitalist, post-colonial, sustainable alternatives to the dominant global order. He has been involved in many experiments of this sort over the years, and currently works at Queen's University.

No One Is Illegal! - What is Migrant Justice? How do anti-imperialism, feminist, anti-capitalist struggles intertwine within Migrant Justice work? Exploring the No One Is Illegal! analysis, charting community based strategies for transformative change and building to the National Day of Action for Status for All! - May 1, 2010.

Hussan is an organizer for migrant justice and in defence of Indigenous Sovereignty.

Thomas Nail is an activist and PhD candidate in philosophy at the university of Oregon. He is a member of No One Is Illegal – Toronto, and a member of the Advisory Board for Upping The Anti: A Journal of Theory and Action.

The G8/20 and Community Organizing - An introduction to what is happening during the G8/G20 summits in terms of resistance, along with a discussion of why we hate the G8 and G20 and a discussion of how community organizing and anarchism intersect.

Mac Scott is an anarchist who does legal work. Go figure. He’s also in NOII and OCAP, loves his collective house, family, bad suits and beer.

Lesley Wood is a longtime anarchist grassroots organizer in Toronto. She is an active member of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, the Toronto Community Mobilization Network against the G8/20, and a Professor at York University.

Hussan is an organizer for migrant justice and in defence of Indigenous Sovereignty.

Hands-On Screen Printing - Learn easy ways to collaborate with others to design and reproduce an image on paper or fabric. This workshop fits into 3 hours including
Beehive Design Collective is an all-volunteer, grassroots arts-activist collective making anti-copyright graphics as education and organizing tools. Our mission is to 'cross pollinate’ the grassroots.

Know Your Rights – A legal workshop in preparation for the demonstrations during the G8 and G20 summits. People willbe given legal information on what their rights are during the protests and how to preserve those rights where possible.People will also be informed of what the legal support network will look like during the summit protests.Please note that the Movement Defence Committee supports a diversity of Tactics.The Movement Defence Committee will be facilitating this workshop. ; .

According to the CBC our "beloved" Prime Munster Sneaky Stevie has "granted" aboriginal leaders from across the country a private meeting today, the day when funding for the Aboriginal Healing Foundation is ending. An emergency debate last evening in the House of Commons proved unable to dissuade the government from this action. SS's previous "apology" to native people for the residential schools scandal rings a little more hollow today. Or maybe he thinks that all the healing is done. Meanwhile protests, petitions and pressures have sprung up across the country in favour of keeping the Foundation going. One was in Ottawa where 6 women briefly blockaded federal Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Chuck Strahl's office. Here's the story from the Ontario platformist site Linchpin.
6 women arrested at sit-in at Chuck Strahl’s office
Six women activists, shortly after staging a sit-in against cuts to aboriginal healing and then being arrested, charged and released, March 29. PHOTO: Greg Macdougall
by Greg Macdougall

Ottawa - On Monday March 29 - two days before the federal government's funding cuts to the Aboriginal Healing Foundation (AHF) take effect - six women from Montreal staged a sit-in outside of Indian and Northern Affairs minister Chuck Strahl's office in Ottawa.

“By cutting the funding to the Aboriginal Healing Foundation and having us arrested for protesting these cuts, Harper is denying effective services to thousands of residential school survivors,” said Maya Rolbin-Ghanie, a member of the Montreal-based grassroots group Missing Justice who was arrested in the protest.

They pledged to remain there until a decision was made to restore funding to the AHF, but police arrested and removed them within an hour, charging them with trespassing.

“Harper and Strahl’s budget cuts affect 134 organizations across Canada, including the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal,” said Monica van Schaik, another Missing Justice member who was arrested.

The AHF programs have been providing cultural healing services to Aboriginal Peoples that address the inter-generational impacts of the Canadian Indian residential school system along with other issues.

“That Strahl would have us arrested less than an hour after our sit-in began shows that this is something he doesn’t want the public to talk about,” van Schaik added.

A group of supporters from both Montreal and Ottawa gathered outside the building, steps from Parliament Hill, with signs, banners and a megaphone, protesting the funding cuts.

“It’s been less than two years since Prime Minister Harper’s apology to survivors of the residential schools, yet the Conservative government is ready to shut down programs specifically aimed at helping the healing the Prime Minister spoke about,” Rolbin-Ghanie said before her arrest.

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa helped get people in Ottawa out to the action.

There was also a separate press conference held by First Nations leaders on Parliament Hill, demanding that the government continue to support the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. Manitoba MP Niki Ashton was requesting an emergency debate in the House of Commons on the issue.




The following appeal for solidarity with the General Federation of Iraqi Workers came Molly's way via the online labour solidarity site Labour Start.

Iraq: Pass a fair and just labour law!

International call for a fair and just labour law in Iraq
We the undersigned call on the Iraqi Government and Parliament to implement a fair and just labour law.

Almost seven years have passed since the fall of the former regime, yet many of its laws and decisions continue to apply, denying workers the most basic of freedoms. Workers in the public sector are denied the right to organise and join trade unions and collective bargaining is almost impossible. Without laws guaranteeing freedom of association, various state ministries are threatening to seize union assets and ban their activities.

These laws are undermining the immense contribution democratic and independent trade unions can make to Iraq’s fledgling democracy.

We support the Iraqi Labour Campaign and its call on the Iraqi Government and the Parliament to put in place a fair and just law labour law which would:

•Enable workers to make workplaces safer, prevent discrimination and harassment, ensure equality of opportunity, improve skills and education, increase workplace productivity and morale, collectively bargain for fairer wages, protect the most vulnerable workers and be part of a mature system of industrial relations.
•Allow trade unions to be supported by their members, accountable to their members according to internal rules and free from outside political interference.
•Finally give workers their fundamental rights as provided for in the Iraqi constitution and the core conventions of the International Labour Organisation.
•Help build a free, fair and prosperous federal Iraq for everyone.
Please go to this link to add your name to the petition above.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I guess it's an example of overweening ambition. The Saskatchewan Party (read right wing conservative) government of Premier Brad Wall of Saskatchewan is in an unseemly rush to demolish any and all legislation that might benefit workers or ordinary people. Wall should really take lessons from that master of slyness, our beloved Prime Minister, about how to go about these things piecemeal. patience is, after all, a virtue. This rush to take away rights has attracted the unwanted attention of the International Labour Organization (ILO) who have made it plain to the Premier that his plans violate international law. Here's the story from Larry Hubich's Blog. Hubich is the President of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL).
ILO blasts anti-labour laws adopted by Saskatchewan

UN body instructs government of Premier Brad Wall to consult with labour and work out an acceptable solution to essential services legislation, union organizing votes and a labour relations board all parties can trust.
The International Labour Organization (ILO) has issued a stinging rebuke to the government of Saskatchewan, primarily over two pieces of anti-labour legislation adopted in 2008 (Bills 5 and 6).
The United Nations body has directed the province to go back to the drawing board and rewrite the laws in full consultation and cooperation with workers and labour groups affected.
In an unusually-pointed decision, the ILO – which is based in Geneva – has also instructed the Brad Wall government to keep ILO officials informed of corrective steps as they are taken to bring the province into compliance with international labour standards that Canada as a UN member country is bound to uphold.

“The ILO has told the Wall government that these laws clearly violate international law and the principles of freedom of association. The government has an obligation and a duty to consult meaningfully with those who are affected by the laws it intends to enact,” said SFL President Larry Hubich.
SGEU is particularly pleased with the decision of the ILO and its impact on our collective bargaining. The outrageous and illegal use of designations to take away our members’ right to strike and force upon us collective agreements which do not reflect free and fair bargaining will be addressed through all means at our disposal including the courts if necessary,” said Bob Bymoen, president of SGEU.

“This government must repeal its regulations and honour our previous agreement. International law is not just about business. It’s also about human rights and it’s time the Wall government started to respect those rights,” added Bymoen.
“The ILO has also stated that the Labour Relations Board, which enforces both Acts, needs to enjoy the confidence of labour, and since the 2008 firings of the chair and vice-chair, those conditions do not exist. That’s another mess the ILO is calling upon the Wall government to fix,” added Hubich.

“Brad Wall’s government appears eager to go out of their way to ensure the province complies with international trade agreements. It’s time they respected and lived up to our international obligations to ensure labour rights and human rights are consistent with those of other modern democracies,” said Hubich and Bymoen.
The ILO Committee on Freedom of Association is referring the decision to the ILO Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations. The Committee of experts is expected to meet in June and to issue a report on the government’s compliance in November.
Download PDF version of news release here....

Download complete ILO decision here....


The following item has caused a bit of a flurry here in the Peg, with armies lining up on both sides of the debate to comment. It starts off small...real small...a student at Red River College putting together a self made book. Writing, designing, and self publishing it all in one the student put together a collection of interviews with Winnipeg chefs entitled 'The Last Crumb' and printed up all of 100 copies. Not exactly an overwhelming piece of publicity, but the owner of one restaurant read about his chef in it and decided that said chef was a detriment to the image of his outfit. Termination. The chef, however, was popular with the other workers at the restaurant, and they walked out along with him in protest. Here's the first story on this matter. Read it and see what you think. Form an opinion. Then go on to the second one. Here, from the Winnipeg Free Press...
Not making any dough here
Chef says he was fired, eatery doors closed
By: Matt Preprost

One of the city's most celebrated restaurants is closed after staff walked out Friday when the head chef was fired.

Scott Bagshaw, who ran the kitchen at Pizzeria Gusto on Academy Road, said he was fired Friday afternoon after the eatery's owners read a story Bagshaw shared with a Winnipeg writer about a "two-day bender" while working in Australia almost eight years ago.

Bagshaw says he was fired and was asked to finish out his shift. Instead, he and his kitchen staff walked out.

"We walked out in solidarity," Bagshaw said. "The restaurant is still closed. They don't even have a dishwasher, they've got nothing.

"The intellectual property of the recipes, they don't have that either. They've got a menu but they don't have a way to recreate it," he said.

Pizzeria Gusto co-owner Don Mottola declined comment Sunday evening. Several calls and messages left to co-owner Bobby Mottola went unreturned by press time.

The pizzeria is a popular restaurant and many local and national food magazines laud Bagshaw as one of the top chefs in Winnipeg.

Cook Tara Podaima and sous-chef Matt Withoos were working Friday and walked out with Bagshaw, Podaima said.

"I was prepping in the kitchen. Scott came to work and came into the kitchen to let us know he had arrived and then went out to the front. He came back five minutes later and told me he was fired," said Podaima, who had worked for Bagshaw for over a year. "We told (Matt) what happened, got changed, packed up, and headed out the door.

"It wasn't really a question in our mind whether we would go with him or not," Podaima said.

Podaima said the other kitchen staff didn't show up for work later that night or on Saturday. The restaurant is normally closed Sunday.

A hand-written sign on the restaurant door says that it is closed for the evening and apologizes for any inconvenience.

In the story about his experiences in Australia, Bagshaw, 36, details a party romp he was taken on by his then-boss after working 23 straight 16-hour days. Bagshaw went to party after party for two days straight over a weekend, without sleep, before returning to work on the Monday. The story happened in 2002, while he was working at Monsoon Vietnamese Bistro in Australia.

"The (Pizzeria Gusto) owners came in after they saw it and said I misrepresented what the restaurant was about and what it needed to represent," Bagshaw said.

"I don't see how (the story) would damage the restaurant," he said. "Anything I said about the restaurant was positive and all my stories didn't take place in this restaurant, not even in this country."

In August 2008, Free Press food critic Marion Warhaft gave the restaurant four and a half stars out of five; the same year, Where magazine named the restaurant one of the top 10 in Canada.

Bagshaw's Australian story is published in an upcoming book about Winnipeg chefs called The Last Crumb, written by Red River College student Rhéanne Marcoux, who wrote, designed and self-published the book as part of a year-long project. Only 100 copies were printed, and Marcoux is still trying to line up stores and restaurants to sell it.

"My intentions when writing this book were to get Winnipeg chefs the acknowledgment and proper recognition they deserve," Marcoux wrote in an email. "I never could have anticipated this. I was shocked and really bothered by it all," she said.

Added Bagshaw: "She wanted stories about chefs being chefs -- the crazy stories about how we live and how we think. (Bobby) was aware about the book, he knew what was happening and he was all for it," Bagshaw said.
Seems fairly straighforward doesn't it ? The boss at Pizzeria Gusto loves control beyond all things, and he should really do something about his long standing habit of indulging in concrete enemas. Ah, but there's another little bit of this story that makes it a little more complicated. Here's the rest of the story from CBC.
Chef fired over racy comments
CBC News
The doors of a popular gourmet pizza restaurant in Winnipeg remained closed for a third day on Monday after an article in a recently published book allegedly prompted its owner to fire his head chef.

Scott Bagshaw told CBC News that he was fired by the owners of Pizzeria Gusto on Friday because of racy comments he made about the restaurant business, his past drug use and his interactions with colleagues while at work.

'We play the "would you" game .… You know, "would you sleep with her?" type of thing.'
—Chef Scott Bagshaw, quoted in The Last Crumb.

The article appears in a locally published book about Winnipeg chefs called The Last Crumb, which was written by a Red River College communications student as part of a year-long, school-sanctioned project.

Bagshaw said one of the owners of the Academy Road restaurant, Bobby Mottola, read the article and fired him.

Bagshaw said he went into the kitchen and told his staff. Some responded by quitting on the spot as a show of solidarity with him — right before a busy shift.

"I walked in … and like that, no questions asked, [they] rolled up their knives, took off their [uniforms] and walked out with me," Bagshaw said.

Mottola declined to be interviewed about what happened, but said the restaurant will reopen as soon as possible.

'100% honest'
Bagshaw said he doesn't regret giving the interview that led to the article and his subsequent firing, saying author Rheanne Marcoux only asked him to tell the truth about his past experiences.

"She wanted a story about how chefs are and what we think and what we do, and I … gave it to her … like 100 per cent honest," Bagshaw said.

In an excerpt from the two-page article, Bagshaw comments on what it's like to work in the pizzeria's open kitchen:

"Being in an open kitchen does have its perks. 'We play the "would you" game,' laughs [Bagshaw], who spends most of his 14-hour shifts rubbing elbows with his sous-chef Matt. 'You know, "would you sleep with her?" type of thing. We have our inside jokes, it makes you forget you’ve been working 14 hours.'"

Bagshaw said he's already got leads for a new job. He said the loyalty his staffers showed by walking out with him was incredible.

"As bad as getting fired feels, that feeling really offset it," he said.

The entire article featuring Bagshaw can be viewed by clicking the link at the top right of the story. Warning: some graphic language appears. ( Molly Note: The article in question can be viewed by going to the link below )

Read more:
I personally have to say that I still have a lot of sympathy for Bagshaw even if he comes of as far less sympathetic in the article. Read it. It's far more entertaining than these two news stories. If I were working there I'd definitely have walked out along with the other staff. boggles the mind to imagine what he was thinking when he made his "true confession". The 100 copy book would probably have disappeared into the student's curriculum vitae if the owners of the restaurant hadn't overreacted. They should have waited for it to die a natural death. The revelations, however, are more than sufficient for the sort of Hitler-Stalin pact of the Jesus and law and order forces allied with the politically correct to have mounted a jihad if it were to come to their ears. But it likely wouldn't have. You can, however, see the point of trying to avoid this sort of crusade, even if the owners ended up doing themselves much more damage than even the worst scenario could have created. In any case it is doubtful that more than one in twenty actual diners at this trendy restaurant would have worked up a nanogram of outrage. What do you think ?



1er Avril est la date limite pour les propositions du Salon du livre anarchiste de Montréal/April 1 is the deadline for proposals for the Montréal Anarchist Bookfair.


April 1st (deadline): CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS (tables, art exhibits, films, Festival of Anarchy)
[NOTE: The deadline for tables, art exhibit proposals, film proposals and Festival of Anarchy events is APRIL 1.]

Mark your calendars …
MAY 29-30, 10am-5pm
at the CEDA, 2515 rue Delisle
(a short walk from Lionel-Groulx metro)
FREE. Welcome to all!

No gods, no masters, no bosses, no borders.
Curious about anarchism?: check us out!

-> Participants from all over Quebec and North America, booksellers and vendors, workshops, films, discussions, kids activities, art exhibits and more!
-> Part of the month-long Festival of Anarchy held throughout the month of May at venues and locations all over the island of Montreal.
-> NOTE: During this year’s Bookfair, tabling will take place over TWO DAYS: May 29-30, between 10am-5pm.

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair -- and month-long Festival of Anarchy -- bring together anarchist ideas and practice, through words, images, music, theatre and day-to-day struggles for justice, dignity and collective liberation.

The Bookfair is for people who don't necessarily consider themselves anarchists, but are curious about anarchism, as well as a space for anarchists to meet, network and share in a spirit of respect and solidarity. All are welcome.

The Bookfair is organized in a spirit of openness towards the different traditions, visions, and practices of anarchism. Together we share a commitment to promoting anarchism through the values of mutual aid, grassroots democracy, direct action, autonomy and solidarity, while opposing oppression in all its forms.

The Bookfair and Festival of Anarchy provide an important gathering and reference point for anti-authoritarian ideas and practice in North America.

-> What Happens at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair? Read more here:;
-> Accessibility Statement:;

Tables, Art Exhibits & Films, Festival of Anarchy Events

a) Tabling at the Bookfair

The heart of the Bookfair is the main auditorium that includes booksellers, distributors, independent presses and political groups from all over Montreal, Quebec, North America, and abroad.

This year, there will be Bookfair tabling on BOTH days – Saturday, May 29 and Sunday, May 30, from 10am to 5pm.

Contact us at to request table space.

Please provide ALL the following information clearly if you are requesting tabling space at the Bookfair:
a) the name of your group and your geographic location (exactly as you want it to appear in our publicity);
b) provide your contact information (telephone, e-mail and web address); the telephone and e-mail is for Bookfair organizers only, while the web address is to link from our website;
c) indicate whether you want to table on BOTH days, on Saturday only, or on Sunday only;
d) indicate whether have you tabled at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair before; if you haven't tabled at the Bookfair before, please include a short description of your group and the material you intend to distribute at the Bookfair as well as indicating your agreement with the Bookfair principles:;

--> The deadline to request a table is APRIL 1, 2010.

b) Art Exhibits

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair will again be displaying artwork relating to anarchism and anti-authoritarian, autonomous or anarchist-supported struggles. Please consider proposing an exhibit of photos, posters, original art, repros - anything within the parameters of the Bookfair that can be mounted on a wall or placed in a corner!

If you are making an art proposal, please provide the following information:
a) a clear title and short description (for our publicity);
b) the format of your submission (poster, photos, sculpture, etc);
c) your contact information;
d) if possible, please also send us a jpg or pdf of the art you wish to exhibit.

--> The deadline for art exhibit proposals is APRIL 1, 2010.

c) Films

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair will also have a film room, showing films related to anarchism or anarchist-supported struggles, that fall within the principles of the Anarchist Bookfair.

If you are making a film proposal, please provide the following information clearly:
a) film title and short description, to be use for publicity purposes;
b) duration of film;
c) language of film, as well as subtitles if applicable;
d) format of film;
e) where a copy of the film is available.

--> The deadline for film proposals is APRIL 1, 2010.

d) Festival of Anarchy Events

The entire month of May comprises the Festival of Anarchy, with diverse anarchist-themed events occurring at different venues in Montreal. The Bookfair collective compiles a Festival of Anarchy calendar, but we count on you to organize the actual Festival of Anarchy events. Get in touch to reserve a date for your event in May (calendar dates are "first come first served"). Please note that the evenings of May 18-19 are already reserved for the Montreal Anarchist Theatre Festival, and the evening of May 28 is reserved for the Anarchist Cabaret.

When submitting a Festival of Anarchy event, please provide the following information: a) a clear title, date and description; b) contact information with the organizers of the event.

--> The deadline to submit Festival of Anarchy events, to be included in our public calendar, is APRIL 1, 2010


If you can help promote the Bookfair and Festival of Anarchy in your neighborhood, school or community, please get in touch:

We will be actively promoting the Bookfair all over the Montreal-area. Let us know if you can help with postering or flyering.

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Ni dieux, ni maîtres; ni frontières, ni patrons!
1er avril (date limite): APPEL À CONTRIBUTIONS (tables d'expositions, oeuvres d'art, films, Festival
[NOTEZ : La date limite pour la réception des propositions de tables d'expositions, d'oeuvres d'art, de films et d'événements du Festival est le 1er AVRIL.]

À notez dans vos agendas …
Les 29 et 30 MAI, 10h-17h
Au CEDA, 2515 Delisle
(tout près du métro Lionel-Groulx)
GRATUIT. Bienvenue à toutes et tous!

Ni dieux, ni maîtres; ni frontières, ni patrons!
Pour les anarchistes et ceux/celles qui s'intéressent à l'anarchisme.

-> Avec des distributeurs de partout au Québec et en Amérique du Nord, des ateliers, des films, des discussions, des expositions, des activités pour les enfants et bien plus !
-> Tout le mois de mai 2010: Le Festival de l'Anarchie avec différents évènements en divers lieux
-> NOTE: Pour le Salon du livre de cette année, il y aura des tables d’exposition pendant deux jours : les 29 (samedi) et 30 (dimanche) mai, entre 10h et 17h.

Le Salon du livre anarchiste de Montréal (ainsi que le Festival de l'Anarchie) rassemble les idées et pratiques anarchistes, par les mots, les images, la musique, le théâtre et les luttes quotidiennes pour la justice, la dignité et la libération collective.

Le Salon du livre anarchiste s'adresse aux anarchistes, mais également à celles et ceux qui ne se considèrent pas nécessairement comme anarchistes mais qui ont développé une certaine curiosité vis-à-vis de l'anarchisme. Le Salon est un espace où les anarchistes peuvent se rencontrer et échanger dans un esprit de respect mutuel et de solidarité. Tous et toutes y sont bienvenu-e-s.

Le Salon du livre anarchiste est organisé dans un esprit d'ouverture vis-à-vis des différentes traditions, visions et pratiques de l'anarchisme. Nous cherchons à promouvoir l'anarchisme en mettant en pratique des valeurs comme l'entraide, la démocratie par la base, l'action directe, l'autonomie et la solidarité, et en nous opposant à toutes les formes d'oppression.

Le Salon du livre et le Festival de l’anarchie sont une occasion importante de rassemblement et un point de référence pour les idées et les pratiques anti-autoritaires en Amérique du Nord.

-> Pour savoir « Qu'est-ce qui se passe au Salon du livre anarchiste de Montréal? », suivez ce lien:;
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ateliers, tables d'expositions, oeuvres d'art et films

a) Tables d'expositions: Appel à contributions

Le coeur du Salon du livre est l’auditorium principal où se trouvent les tables des libraires, des distributeurs, des journaux indépendant et des groupes politiques de partout à Montréal, du Québec, de l’Amérique du Nord et de l’étranger.

Cette année, il y aura des tables d’exposition pendant les DEUX jours - samedi le 29 mai et dimanche le 30 mai, de 10h. à 17h.

Contactez-nous à pour faire une demande de table d’exposition.

S’il-vous-plaît, veuillez fournir TOUTES les informations suivantes clairement pour faire une demande de table d’exposition au Salon du livre:
a) le nom de votre groupe et l’endroit d’où vous venez (dans les mots exacts que vous voulez que nous utilisions dans nos publicités);
b) les informations pour communiquer avec vous (téléphone, courriel et l’adresse de votre site web); le numéro de téléphone et le courriel sont pour l’usage des organisateurs et organisatrices du Salon du livre seulement, mais l’adresse du site web servira de lien à partir de notre site;
c) indiquez si vous voulez votre table pour les deux jours, seulement samedi ou seulement dimanche;
d) indiquez si vous avez déjà eu une table au Salon du livre; si vous n’avez jamais eu de table au Salon du livre avant, s’il-vous-plaît joignez une brève description de votre groupe et une description du matériel que vous prévoyez distribuer au Salon, ainsi que votre accord avec les principes du Salon du livre:;

--> La date limite pour la réception des propositions de tables est le 1er AVRIL 2010.

b) Oeuvres d'art : Appel à contributions

Le Salon du livre anarchiste de Montréal réserve un espace pour la diffusion d'oeuvres d'art liées à l'anarchisme, l'anti-autoritarisme, l'autonomie et les luttes supportées par les anarchistes. Faîtes nous part de vos propositions d'expositions de photos, d'affiches, de créations originales ou de reproductions. Le collectif du salon du livre considèrera toutes les oeuvres respectant les principes de base du salon. Les oeuvres devront être accrochées ou suspendues aux murs, voire placées dans un espace délimité.

Si vous faites une proposition artistique, s’il-vous-plaît fournissez clairement les informations suivantes:
a) un titre clair et une courte description (pour notre publicité);
b) le médium utilisé (affiche, photo, sculpture, etc.);
c) les informations pour vous contacter;
d) si possible, s’il-vous-plaît envoyez nous aussi un fichier jpg ou pdf des oeuvres d’art que vous voulez exposer.

--> La date limite pour les propositions pour l’exposition artistique est le 1er AVRIL 2010.

c) Films : Appel à contributions

Le Salon du livre anarchiste réserve également un espace pour la projection de films durant la tenue du Salon. Les films présentés doivent être en lien avec l'anarchisme, avec des luttes soutenues par les anarchistes ou doivent concorder avec les principes de base du Salon du livre.

Si vous faites une proposition de film, s’il-vous-plaît fournissez clairement les informations suivantes:
a) le titre du film et une brève description pour notre publicité;
b) la durée du film;
c) la langue du film et des sous-titres, s’il y en a;
d) le format du film;
e) indiquez où une copie du film est disponible.

--> La date limite pour les propositions de films est le 1er AVRIL 2010.

d) Festival de l'Anarchie: Appel à contributions

Le mois de mai dans son ensemble sera consacré aux idées ou pratiques anarchistes. Le Festival de l'Anarchie prendra place dans les semaines qui précèdent le Salon du livre (les 29-30 mai), avec des événements reliés à l'anarchisme, dans plusieurs lieux publics de Montréal.

Le collectif du Salon du livre compile les événements à être placés et produira un calendrier public. La seule fonction du collectif, en plus de diffuser le calendrier, concernant le Festival, est de veiller à ce que deux évènements ne se produise pas le même jour. Nous comptons donc sur vous pour organiser les événements du Festival de l'anarchie. Réservez rapidement une date pour votre événements dans le calendrier du mois de mai. Premierères arrivées, premierères serviEs!

S'il vous plait veuillez noter que les soirées des 18 et 19 mai sont déjà réservées pour le Festival de théâtre anarchiste de Montréal et que la soirée du 28 est réservée au Cabaret anarchiste.

Lorsque vous soumettez un événement pour le Festival de l'anarchie, svp incluez l'information suivante:
a) un titre, une date et une description claires;
b) un contact pour rejoindre les organisateurs.

--> La date limite pour soumettre un événement pour le Festival et pour être inclut dans le calendrier qui sera diffusé est le 1er AVRIL 2010.


Si vous souhaitez contribuer à la promotion du Salon du livre anarchiste et/ou du Festival de l'Anarchie dans votre quartier, votre école ou votre communauté, communiquez avec nous ( )

Nous ferons la promotion du Salon du livre anarchiste dans la région de Montréal. Avertissez-nous si vous pouver faire de l'affichage et du tractage.

Si vous résidez à l'extérieur de Montréal, communiquez avec nous si vous désirez recevoir des affiches, prospectus et dépliants. Le matériel de promotion sera aussi disponible pour téléchargement sur notre site Internet.

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Ni dieux, ni maîtres; ni frontières, ni patrons!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The following appeal for solidarity with Portuguese anarchists facing charges from a demonstration three years ago (and you thought the Canadian courts moved slowly ) came to Molly's attention via the Winnipeg Wobbly Blog.
International Call for Solidarity: Support the 11 of Lisbon!

On the 25th of April of 2007, an anti-authoritarian demonstration against fascism and capitalism took place in downtown Lisbon, protesting against the growing influence of fascist groups in Portugal and the attempt to rehabilitate the figure of the former dictator, António de Oliveira Salazar. Several books about Salazar came out back then and a Museum was to be opened in Santa Comba Dão, the place where the dictator was born. A television contest, designed to boost nationalistic and chauvinistic attitudes among the Portuguese people, actually managed to elect Salazar as “the greatest Portuguese of all times”. Besides that, PNR, an ultra right-wing party, involved with nazi skinhead groups, started to show signs of great activity, with a large-scale campaign to increase xenophobia and several street demonstrations, one of which taking place, provocatively, in a known immigrants' quarter downtown Lisbon.

As a response to the growth of reactionary forces and attitudes in Portuguese society, anarchists organized a big demonstration on the day of the celebration of the Carnation Revolution, the 25th of April, when the fascist dictatorship was overthrown. The demonstration gathered over 500 people, crossed downtown Lisbon, always being closely followed by the police, and halted in Largo de Camões, where most people left. From there, a second demonstration started and, when the demonstrators were descending Rua do Carmo, the riot police closed the street exits, trapped them, and then charged violently. Several people were injured, some of them badly, and 11 of the demonstrators were arrested and now stand for trial, for alleged civil disobedience, verbal abuses, and assault on police officers, risking sentences from six months to five years of imprisonment.

We ask for the international support and solidarity of all sections and friend of AIT-IWA to spread the news of what's happening, specially among Portuguese communities in their area, and send protest letters, faxes and emails to local Portuguese Embassies, Consulates and interests, performing, if possible, actions in front of them, specially on the days of the Court hearings, but not limited to them. We also appeal to the sending of protest letters, faxes and emails to the Court where the hearings are taking place.

A model protest letter to be sent:
(it's both in English and Portuguese)

Vimos por meio da presente carta protestar contra a ida a julgamento dos 11 detidos aquando da realização da manifestação anti-autoritária contra o fascismo e o capitalismo, em 25 de Abril de 2007.

Denunciamos o comportamento claramente ofensivo e discriminatório demonstrado pela polícia no decorrer dos acontecimentos, assim como a brutalidade com que a mesma reagiu à manifestação, carregando indiscriminadamente sobre os manifestantes e demais transeuntes presentes na Rua do Carmo, numa acção cujo objectivo manifesto não foi a dispersão da manifestação, mas antes o espancamento do maior número de pessoas possível, posto que todas as saídas da rua foram cortadas pela polícia de forma a não deixar aos manifestantes fuga possível.

Afigura-se-nos que as pessoas detidas o foram de forma aleatória e arbitrária, e que a sua ida a tribunal não serve outro propósito que não seja o de mascarar e ilibar a violência policial, culpando os manifestantes pelo sucedido. Consequentemente, exigimos o encerramento deste processo e a absolvição de todos os arguidos.

Com os melhores cumprimentos,

English translation of the letter:

We hereby send you the following letter to protest against the trial of the 11 persons arrested during the anti-authoritarian demonstration against fascism and capitalism, which took place on the 25th of April 2007.

We denounce the clearly offensive and discriminatory behavior displayed by the police during the events and its brutal response to the demonstration, charging indiscriminately on demonstrators and bystanders at Rua do Carmo, in an action clearly intended, not to disband the demonstration, but to beat up as many people as possible, for all the street exits were cut off by the police in order to trap the demonstrators and let them no way to escape.

For us, it seems that the persons arrested during the events were picked randomly and arbitrarily among the demonstrators, and that the charges pressed against them serve no other purpose than to whitewash the police violence, blaming the demonstrators for what happened. Consequently, we demand the closure of this process and the acquittal of all defendants.

Best Regards,

Court address:
Juízo Criminal
Av. D. João II, nº 1.08.01 - Bloco B
1990-097 Lisboa

Phone: (+351) 213 505 500
Fax: (+351) 211 545 164

Process Number:
42/07.5PALSB (please mention it on the letters, faxes and emails you send to the Court)

A list of Portuguese Embassies worldwide:

Portuguese Consulates abroad:

Days of the next Court hearings:
- 20 of April
- 29 of April
- 19 of May


Associação Internacional dos Trabalhadores

Secção Portuguesa
Apartado 50029
1701-001 Lisboa

Tel. +351 963 216 840

Sunday, March 28, 2010



The following appeal for support for Dany Villanueva in Montréal comes from No One Is Illegal-Montréal. Dany Villanueva is the brother of Fredy Villanueva who was fatally shot by police in August 2008. A public inquiry into the incident is continuing.
Venez supporter/Support/Apoyemos DANY VILLANEUVA (29 mars au 1er avril)
[English below] [español abajo]

Venez supporter Dany Villanueva lors de son témoignage !
Come out to support Dany Villanueva during his testimony!
¡Apoyemos a Dany Villanueva durante su testimonio en el Palacio de Justicia!

À tous ceux qui veulent connaître la vérité sur l’intervention policière qui a coûté la vie à Fredy Villanueva, le temps est venu de faire preuve de solidarité envers la famille Villanueva en assistant au témoignage qui sera rendu par Dany à l’enquête publique, qui se poursuit du 29 mars au 1er avril.

To all those who want to find out what really happened during the police intervention that cost Fredy Villanueva his life, the time to show your solidarity with the Villanueva family is now. Come out to listen to Dany’s testimony during the public inquiry, which will continue from March 29 until April 1, 2010.

L’enquête publique sur les causes et circonstances du décès de Fredy Villanueva reprend lundi prochain le 29 mars à la salle 5.15 du Palais de Justice de Montréal, à compter de 9h30 am.

Jusqu’à présent, on a eu droit aux versions des agents Jean-Loup Lapointe et Stéphanie Pilotte, soit les deux patrouilleurs impliqués dans l’intervention policière fatidique du 9 août 2008. Ces deux patrouilleurs ont en effet amplement eu l’opportunité de se faire entendre durant les longs témoignages quils ont livrés à l’enquête publique.

On se rappelle aussi que les policiers de la Sûreté du Québec qui enquêtaient sur le décès de Fredy Villanueva ont permis aux deux patrouilleurs de prendre tout le temps dont ils avaient besoin pour rédiger leur version sur papier. Or, ces mêmes enquêteurs ont obligé la plupart des jeunes témoins directs de l’événement à leur faire une déclaration dans les heures qui ont suivi le drame, alors quils étaient encore ébranlés d’avoir vu leurs proches blessés par les coups de feu d’un flic.

Maintenant, c’est enfin au tour de ces jeunes témoins de faire entendre publiquement leur propre version, laquelle est encore largement méconnue du grand public.

Dany Villanueva, le grand frère du défunt, va commencer son témoignage lundi prochain, aussitôt après la fin du témoignage de l’agent Lapointe. Le témoignage de Dany Villanueva pourrait durer pendant toute la semaine d’audition, soit du 29 à 31 mars ainsi que le 1er avril 2010.

Il est à prévoir que les avocats qui défendent les intérêts des policiers vont tout faire pour tenter d’attaquer la crédibilité et de salir la réputation de Dany Villanueva durant le contre-interrogatoire. Rappelons que ces mêmes avocats ont déjà démontré leur absence complète de compassion lorsquils ont affirmé ouvertement quils avaient l’intention de faire porter la responsabilité du décès de Fredy Villanueva sur Fredy lui-même ainsi que sur son frère Dany et ses amis qui se trouvaient sur les lieux du drame.

C’est pourquoi nous invitons tous ceux qui sont solidaires de la lutte pour la recherche de la vérité et de la justice à venir en grand nombre assister au témoignage de Dany afin de démontrer notre support envers le frère de Fredy et la famille Villanueva.

Nous profitons également de l’occasion pour annoncer que l’audition des procédures de déportation contre Dany Villanueva devant la Commission de l’immigration et du statut de réfugié se tiendra le 21 avril 2010, à 13h. Plus d’information suivra à ce sujet.

Cet appel à la solidarité est lancé conjointement par la Coalition contre la répression et les abus policiers, Montréal-Nord Républik, Solidarité sans Frontières, Personne N'est Illégal, la Coalition Justice pour Anas et le Collectif opposé à la brutalité policière.


Come out to support Dany Villanueva during his testimony!

The public inquiry into the causes and circumstances surrounding the death of Fredy Villanueva resumes at 9:30am on Monday, March 29, in room 5.15 at the Palais de Justice de Montréal (1 Notre-Dame East, between the Place d’Armes and Champ-de-Mars metro stations).

Until now, we have heard the versions of police officers Jean-Loup Lapointe and Stéphanie Pilotte, the two officers involved in the police intervention that took place that fateful evening, on August 9, 2008. These two officers have been given more than ample opportunity to be heard throughout their extensive testimonies during the public inquiry.

It is important to keep in mind that the Sûreté du Québec officers who were given the task of investigating the death of Fredy Villanueva allowed officers Lapointe and Pilotte to take as long as they wished before submitting their versions of what happened in writing. Meanwhile, these same investigators forced the majority of the young witnesses (who were at the scene where the tragic events took place) to make a declaration within hours, despite the fact that they were still severely shaken up after seeing their friends and relatives injured by the bullets of a cop.

Now, the time for the young witnesses to publicly share their version, which is largely unknown to the public at large, has finally come.

Dany Villanueva, Fredy’s older brother, will begin his testimony this Monday, March 29, immediately after the end of officer Lapointe’s testimony. Dany’s testimony may last the entire week of the hearings, that is to say from March 29 through April 1, 2010.

It is to be expected that the lawyers defending the interests of the police will do whatever it takes to undermine the credibility and to tarnish Dany’s reputation during the cross-examination. It is worth noting that these same lawyers have already demonstrated their complete lack of compassion when they openly stated that they had the intention of holding Dany and his friends, as well as Fredy himself, responsible for Fredy’s death.

This is why we invite all those who are in solidarity with the struggle for truth and justice to come out in large numbers for Dany’s testimony to show our support for Fredy’s brother and the Villanueva family.

We would also like to mention that the hearings related to the deportation proceedings faced by Dany Villanueva at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada will be held on April 21, 2010, at 1pm. More information will follow about this in the coming week.

This call for solidarity is being made conjointly by the Coalition Against Police Repression and Abuse, Montréal-Nord Républik, Solidarity Across Borders, No One Is Illegal, the Justice for Anas Coalition and the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality.


¡Apoyemos a Dany Villanueva durante su testimonio en el Palacio de Justicia!

La encuesta pública sobre las causas y circunstancias de la muerte de Fredy Villanueva reinicia el lunes próximo 29 de marzo en la sala 5.15 del Palacio de Justicia de Montreal, a partir de las 9h30 am.

Hasta ahora se ha escuchado las versiones de los agentes Jean-Loup Lapointe y Stéphanie Pilotte, ósea los dos policías implicados en la intervención policiaca fatídica del 9 de agosto 2008. Estos agentes tuvieron toda la oportunidad de ser escuchados mientras daban sus interminables testimonios durante las audiencias públicas.

Recordemos también que los agentes de la Seguridad de Quebec que llevaron a cabo la investigación de la muerte de Fredy Villanueva les permitieron a los dos policías tomar todo el tiempo que necesitaran para redactar su versión de los hechos por escrito. Mientras que estos mismos agentes obligaron a la mayoría de los jóvenes testigos directos de los hechos a redactar una declaración pocas horas después del drama, cuando se encontraban aun conmocionados por haber presenciado cómo sus amigos fueron abaleados por un policía y sin saber hasta ese momento que uno de ellos había perdido la vida.

Ahora, por fin les toca el turno a los jóvenes testigos de dar a conocer su versión de los hechos, la cual es prácticamente desconocida por el gran público.

Dany Villanueva, el hermano mayor de la víctima, va a empezar su testimonio el lunes próximo, a penas el agente Lapointe termine sus declaraciones. El testimonio de Dany podría durar toda la semana de audiciones, desde el 29 al 31 de marzo al igual que el 1ero de abril 2010.

Es seguro que los abogados que defienden los intereses de los policías van a hacer todo lo posible para desacreditar y destruir la reputación de Dany Villanueva durante el contra interrogatorio. Recordemos que estos mismos abogados ya han demostrado no tener ninguna sensibilidad al afirmar abiertamente que tienen la intención de responsabilizar a Fredy Villanueva de su propia muerte, así como a su hermano y a los amigos que se encontraban con él en el lugar de la tragedia.

Es por esto que invitamos a todos los que son solidarios con la lucha por la búsqueda de la verdad y la justicia a asistir numerosos al testimonio de Dany para brindarle nuestro apoyo al hermano de Fredy y a su familia.

Aprovechamos esta ocasión para anunciar que la audición de trámites de deportación contra Dany Villanueva se llevara a cabo el 21 de abril 2010, a las 13h en la Comisión de inmigración y del status de refugiado. Más adelante se darán más informaciones sobre este asunto.

Este llamado de solidaridad es lanzado conjuntamente por la Coalition contre la répression et les abus policiers, Montréal-Nord Républik, Solidarité sans Frontières, Personne N'est Illégal, la Coalition Justice pour Anas y el Collectif opposé à la brutalité policière.