Thursday, September 09, 2010


The following call for a solidarity anti-scab picket in Brantford Ontario comes from the Ontario Federation of Labour and its President Sid Ryan. Workers at Engineering Coated Products (ECP) in Brantford have been on strike for over two years, but the company continues to operate due to scab labour. You can read more about this strike in this article from the Brantford Expositor. For further information about how you can help the strikers see the website of the Brantford Labour Council.
Dear Sisters and Brothers:

In the City of Brantford, less than two hours from Toronto, 84 brave workers have been on strike against their employer for the past two years. The employer has managed to keep these workers out on strike for two long years because they have been busing scabs across the picket lines. The employer, ECP, has demanded a 25% rollback in wages and benefits which the membership of USW Local 1-500 have bravely resisted. Not one striker out of the 84 has crossed the picket line.

I am asking you to join me in support of these brave workers for a massive three-day anti-scab solidarity rally at the picket line. We will also be demanding that the Liberal government enact legislation in Ontario that prevents employers from exploiting workers by using scabs during labour disputes.

The Local and the Brantford Labour Council will open the Labour Centre forany activists that wish to billet over night. As well, there will be areas to pitch a tent or spaces to park camper trailers. We cannot allow this employer and - by extension any other employer in Ontario - to take advantage of workers in this fashion. What’s happening in Brantford to these workers can only be described as abusive. We can and we must stop this abuse.

I urge you to debate this vital matter in your locals and get your members out to Brantford. Let’s draw a line in the sand in Brantford and say loud and clear to employers and to the Liberal government that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We demand ANTI-SCAB legislation in Ontario. If it’s good enough for BRITISH COLUMBIA and QUEBEC it’s good enough for ONTARIO.

In solidarity,

Sid Ryan
Ontario Federation of Labour

Anti-Scab Letter (PDF)
Anti-Scab Flyer (PDF)

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