Friday, September 24, 2010

It's another first. Anarchist bookfairs are popping up all over the place, and the latest domino to fall is London Ontario. Here's the announcement of the first anarchist bookfair in that town from Linchpin, the website of the Ontario platformist group Common Cause.

London, Ontario Anarchist Bookfair

The London, Ontario Anarchist Bookfair and Gathering is scheduled to take place on Saturday October 23rd. This is our first of what we hope will be many annual bookfairs and your participation would be much appreciated. With the attention focused on anarchists recently it is important to offer folks outside of our communities a chance to see what it really is all about and dispel media myths. It is equally important that we gather to further strengthen and build our movements to carry forward with our agendas of radical transformations.

Calling all anarchist distros and publishers! We are not charging anything for tables, but we ask that a small percentage of profits, after expenses, be donated to the bookfair to allow it to sustain itself and grow.

Present a workshop! We are running workshops throughout the day and are excited to hear from you if you have a workshop you’d like to present. We will do our best to accommodate all workshop requests.

Everybody! We have an interest in helping meet your housing, childcare and transportation needs and the venue is accessible. Food Not Bombs will be providing food and we plan on having a social event in the evening including performances by talented anarchists…

Get in touch if you’d like to table, present a workshop, or simply attend so that we can help meet your needs and answer any questions.

-London (A) Bookfair Collective

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