Friday, February 13, 2009

Good news here. The best of the international news services, A-Infos, has now added Chinese to its extensive list of languages. The announcement follows below. The last Molly looked the A-Infos people were still ironing out the kinks, but most everything seems to be operating well now. Despite the fact that "Chinese" is more a group of mutually unintelligible languages they all posses the same writing system, and thus one doesn't have to worry about which language/dialect one uses. I assume that the A-Infos people will be using the "simplified script" (like the piece in the title above) which stands for "Chinese anarchism". To say the least this is important. Anarchism actually has an honourable historical pedigree in China (see the Anarchist Archives), and has reappeared time and again during the years of Communist tyranny. Nowadays, when anarchism is essentially becoming the international ultra-left it is important to have the movement presented in as many languages as possible- especially the language of 20% of the world. many congratulations to the A-Infos people.
Anouncement of the Chinese language to the Ainfos project:
Ainfos collective is proud to announce the new addition to our project.
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