Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Coming soon...'Black Rim', an occasional magazine fro anarchists living in the Pacific Rim area. Here's the announcement from the Asian Anarchist Network.
Call for Submissions: Black Rim:
--please translate and forward--
About the Project:
Black Rim is a new radical project, an occasional publication whose goal is to establish and strengthen the ties between anti-capitalists, anarchists, libertarian communists, and friends in the Pacific Rim (Asia, Australia, and the west coast of the Americas) region. The project emerges out of our realization that the forces of capital and imperialism are shifting their attention to the Pacific Rim region, yet the local communities of resistance to those powers are not connected to or cognizant of one another. In other words, the core of the World System is moving to East Asia and we want to support the opposition to that move. We do this not out of a desire to keep capital in Europe or North America or to maintain "First World"hegemony, but to weaken capital's power globally and to build better worlds.
We hope to provide useful content to our friends in struggle: everything from overviews of different projects being undertaken across the region, to report-backs from local actions or meetings, to media reviews, prisoner support information, and other news stories. We also would like to cover issues like globalization, migration, anarchism, and history.
The magazine will hopefully publish in many different languages.
About the Call for Submissions:
Our publication would love to receive the following from you:
* If you have an anarchist or anti-capitalist project in Asia, Australia,
or the west coast of the Americas which travelling people can visit, we would
like your contact information
* Independent investigative reports on issues or movements relevant to our
* Interviews with radicals in Asia
* Translated works on anarchism, feminism, queer theory, international
solidarity, and working-class culture that were originally written in an Asian
* Histories of resistance to capitalism, empire, and other forms of
systematic oppression
Additionally, help with translation from and into Asian languages would be greatly appreciated.
Please limit all submissions to 500 words. Please submit all entries by March 1st, 2009 to:
For additional information or to provide feedback, please write to the above address.

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