Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The timeless classic 'Mutual Aid' by Peter Kropotkin is undoubtedly the most widely read anarchist book ever. Now a new edition by the venerable Freedom Press of London England is due to be launched early next month. With explanatory prefaces by Iain Mckay and Donald Rooum, this classic reissued by the press that Kropotkin helped found when he lived in England helps to keep up the tradition of Mutual Aid never being out of print in over 100 years. Here's an announcement from the Anarchist Black Cat discussion board.
Launch of Kropotkin's Mutual Aid:
Wednesday March 4th
Angel Alley
84b Whitechapel High Street
London, England
To mark the launch of Freedom Press's new edition of Peter Kropotkin's classic Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution,Iain McKay (An Anarchist FAQ) will be discussing its relationship with modern evolutionary theory and anarchism.
"Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid is usually, and rightly, called his masterpiece. While the high quality of all his work makes it hard to say whether this classic can be considered his best, it is fair to say that it is probably his most famous and one of his most widely read. Suffice to say, that it is rarely out of print testifies to its importance as well as the quality and timelessness of its message.
"It is often called an anarchist classic. This is not entirely accurate. Yes, it is a classic and it was written by an anarchist, indeed the leading anarchist thinker of the time. However, it is not a book about anarchism or anarchist theory. It is, first and foremost, a work of popular science..."

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