Saturday, February 07, 2009

The following is an appeal from the British anarchist magazine 'Black Flag'. Seems they're on the hunt for articles. If you have an itchy typing finger why not drop them a line.

Black Flag issue 229 appeal:
Black Flag is a UK based class struggle anarchist magazine which (currently) comes out twice a year. We are not affiliated with any of the British anarchist federations, although we aim to have friendly relationships with all and hope to increase co-operation in the future. We also work with the comrades at Freedom.
We are currently getting issue 229 ready and we are appealing for comrades to contribute articles. The deadline is mid-March (at the latest) and we need articles on current events -- for example, an analysis of the recent wildcat strikes would be good, or the crack-down in France on anarchists, or the recent riots in Greece.
We have a lot of history and theory, although obviously if its a good article we would consider it.
If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us. And please pass this onto anyone who would be interested in writing articles or otherwise getting involved. Articles should be, preferably, in rich text format (rtf).
Needless to say, we are looking for articles by class struggle anarchists (or those close to that position) and which reflect a communist-anarchist or anarcho-syndicalist perspective (or, again, those close to that position).
If you are interested in getting issues of Black Flag to sell, please contact us as well.
Black Flag
BM Hurricane
United Kingdom

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