Sunday, February 15, 2009

The following is a machine translation from the Zaraz anarchist news site in Ukraine. It has been edited for English grammar.

Anarchist campaign workers in Simferopol:
On Thursday, February 12, Simferopol, we conducted a small campaign to support workers at the Kharkov HMZ aggregate plant.
The essence of it was to campaign workers at Crimea-trolley and local factories to fight for their rights and to support their Kherson and Kharkov colleagues. Having met the previous day, we printed leaflets about workers working in Kherson Ukraine, and distributed them along the routes of trolley buses and factories. The next day, we are armed with flyers, went to the Crimea-floor workers. Honestly, I did not expect such support, as we calculated a more cautious response. But the drivers and conductors agreed with all the demands of the leaflets and with the fact that it is time to begin fighting for their rights.Moreover, we were able to reach the control dispatcher, and this visit gave us and the workers a certain solidarity. One of the workers, when he heard that we were anarchists, confessed to his great respect for Batko(Father-Molly) Makhno and said that he is willing to join in the fight and find its true solution. Drivers enthusiastically asked us to glue the leaflets around the entire trolley bus, and advised us of a better time to come in trolleys to agitate a larger number of workers. . Workers also supported the initiative and were happy to take leaflets. At one Simferopol plant, 90% of which is sold off to private entrepreneurs, we found no workers, but talked to a very good guard. He told us of the terrible cuts, cuts in wages and reduced production. The guard himself proved devilishly dissatisfied with authority and, therefore, agreed to take part of the leaflets and, if possible, to distribute them to workers of two factories at which he works. Summarizing, we can say that the workers are no less predisposed to fight than we are. In addition, one of the drivers looked at us and said: «you will help us fight ?..». and this already means something.
Nastya (Simferopol)

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