Sunday, February 08, 2009

Following the recent riots in Greece various political from fascist to communist, with many in between, have conceived the idea that shutting down the Indymedia centres in Greece would be a laudable goal. The following, from the English section of Athens Indymedia is the defiant response.
The distribution of ideas ... Can't be strangled! Can't be repressed! Can't be repressed!:
During the revolt in December, pressure and attacks against the 2 existing Indymedia sites (Athens and Patras) reached a peak.
With ridiculous questions during the Greek Parliament sessions from members of parliament belonging to a fascist political party, slanderous rumours and sneaky publications even from the Greek Communists Party official newspaper(Molly hardly finds this surprising. Leninism was reactionary from its birth, and it has become even more so in the bizarre "life after death" in which it exists today), as well as other daily newspapers, the State has a cultivated its plans of shutting down Indymedia , a website of direct information used by socio-political movements and internet meeting point for thousands of people sharing their thoughts and actions, creating and organising a site of free expression and resistance against Capitalism and State agendas epitomized in the motto “profits above people”.
Let them all know that Indymedia is outside their sphere of authority and control, it belongs to those voices suppressed and gagged by their system, it's far away from their logic and morality. It is ours and will stay alive for as long as we need it to change this world.

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Frank Partisan said...

Your good post is ruined by blaming "Leninism." The Greek CP is long passed being Leninist. Why give Stalin a pass?