Sunday, December 03, 2006

There's Always Room In Hell,
Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is presently clinging to life in the Luis Felipe Brieba Military Hospital in Santiago, Chile. His doctors have performed an emergency angioplasty to restore blood flow to his heart after he suffered an heart attack earlier in the day. Bypass surgery is being considered. The retired murderer regained consciousness soon after the first operation. On his 91st birthday on Nov. 25th Pinochet issued a statement taking "full political responsibility", if not moral responsibility, for the crimes of his regime. The last rites have been administered to the aging tyrant, though one imagines that they were the "abbreviated version". It would take a long time to confess to each of the 3,197 politically motivated executions that Pinochet's regime committed while in power. Pinochet is probably lucky enough to get a priest who doesn't demand "detail"- or repentance either for that matter.
Meanwhile down in the Stygian regions corporate executives of Hadean Enterprises are reportedly considering a new development of the "boiling oil" subdivision. Leaked details report that the good general will join his predeceased friend Milton Friedman in a vat of molten copper.
General Pinochet presently faces three indictments in the Chilean courts. One is in regard to murder and kidnapping, the other is in regard to human rights abuses. The final one is the only one likely to achieve justice even after the dark angel comes to collect Augusto's soul. It's about tax avoidance charges. Shades of Elliot and Big Al ! If justice can't be done while the murderer is alive at least get his estate.

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