Saturday, December 23, 2006


Various anarchists in the Chicago area have decided to organize a series of conferences which they hope will give a new impetus to a local scene that they see as disconnected, disorganized and isolated within a cultural youth scene. They also feel that the anarchists in their area seem to neglect critical theory. To try and counter this they plan a gathering on April 28th-30th leading into Mayday actions such as a "soap-box" marathon consisting of reading Mayday speeches in public places. This first gathering will focus on theory and history, including such suggested subjects as

  • anarchism in Chicago
  • Emma Goldman/Alexander Berkman
  • the IWW
  • 5 Waves of anarchism
  • Big A, little a
  • Paris Commune
  • Mutualism and Proudhon
  • Basic Bakunin
  • Insurrectionary/Nihilist
  • Green Anarchism
  • Post left anarchism
  • situationism
  • Libertarian Communism
  • Syndicalism
  • Spanish Civil War
  • Individualism
  • Radical feminism
  • Radical mysticism
  • Anarchism and the Americas (Ricardo Flores Magon and Oaxaca)
  • Anarchism and the black revolution

The Chicago comrades are interested in hosting out-of-towners who might like to present workshops and, of course, are looking for other people in the area willing to help out. Tabling is also encouraged. If you'd like to help out, set up a table, do a workshop, etc. contact Robert at or phone 630-220-5026.

Future conferences are being considered around the themes of community organizing and around direct action.

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