Friday, December 29, 2006

A Short Apology Before I Get Back To Work:
Under the heading of "things to watch out for". About a week ago before I took off for Christmas holidays I was updating the template of this blog. Suddenly, for no good reason-as things usually happen on computers- the computer disconnected. This meant that the template update was only 2/3rds finished ie somewhere in the middle of the text links. I managed to save a copy of the original but, but, but, but, but the results was that I lost a good portion of the links. I am in the present process of recreating them. So far I've gotten to the end of the "Texts" section. The 'Scientific Links' will come next. At least I CAN recreate them with a little work. I beg your indulgence as this process goes on. There will be a brief interruption for New Years at the local Irish Club (hic!!), but the work will be done soon.

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