Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yet more from the Links front. I've added a few more items to the links on this blog. Under the general Links section are two items from anarchists in Israel ie 'Anarchists Against the Wall' (http://awalls.org ) and Ilan Shalif's home page (http://ilan.shalif.com/anarchy ). I've also added the home page of the Bratislava Infoshop featured in the last blog, and I'm pleased to say that it appears to be working: http://www.infoapolice.sk .
I've added two more items to the Blogs section, the Vancouver No One Is Illegal Blog (http://noiivan.blogspot.com ) and Shagya's Blog (http://shagya-blog.blogspot.com ). Finally, under the 'Other Interesting Links' section I've added the Buy Nothing Christmas site featured in a previous item on this blog: http://www.butnothingchristmas.org .
Molly keeps on linking

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