Saturday, December 16, 2006

From Delete the Border (see the Links section of this blog). One more example of why an alternative press is needed.
La Migra (the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) conducted raids on Swift meatpacking plants last week that resulted in over 1,200 arrests. 1,217 employees were arrested on immigration charges and 65 were arrested on "criminal charges" such as "identity theft". Homeland (in)Security Michael Chertoff said on Wednesday that the investigation "uncovered a disturbing front in the war against illegal immigration"(Molly aside: Seems like the US government can't do anything without declaring it a "war"). The government justified the use of its resources by declaring that ordinary Americans were the victims of "identity theft" perpetrated by illegal immigrant workers.
In actual fact, as another article posted at 'Delete the Border' points out there were no victims. Workers applying for a job at Swift plants, like in other workplaces, are asked for a social security number (social insurance number in Canada). They give one. It may exist. It may not. If it does the company pays retirement benefits into the actual holder's account. The "victim" benefits.
Delete the Border also makes plain that raids like this are usually (5 out of six in this case) targeted towards plants where there is ongoing union organizing drives. They function as union busting tactics.
Those arrested were held with no consideration for their families. No accommodations were made for dependent children.
To see more on this matter go to the 'Delete the Border' site in our links section.

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Larry Gambone said...

That's pretty close to the size of the Palmer raids ain't it? They must of had a regular army of Migra goons to pull it off, so in many senses it is a "war", both a class war and a race war. Anyway one thing the Gringos know for sure is war...