Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One final eleven here. These are the new links that I have added to the blog (see the bottom of the page). Under the general links section I've added 'Delete the Border' (http://deletetheborder.org ), a group in the American Southwest opposed to the tightening of immigration controls, and the Manila Autonomous Media (http://a-manila.org ), a source of independent news from the Philippines.
The Online Libraries section is now graced with the Nestor Makhno Archive (http://www.nestormakhno.info ) and the Anarchosyndicalist section has had the website of the British IWW (http://www.iww.org.uk ) added.
There are also four new blogs, 'An Australian Anarchist Weblog' (http://blog.anarchy.org.au ), Chaparral's Blog (http://deletetheborder.org/chaparral ), Che_y_Marijuana (http://che_y_marijuana.gnn.tv/users/blogs.php# ) and Circle of Solidarity (http://circleofsolidarity.blogspot.com ).
Finally three new sources have been added to the Graphics and Cartoons section: the Spunk Press Garphics Library (http://www.spunk.org/library/index/images.html ), Bendib (http://www.bendib.com ), a Middle East cartoonist, and Mike Flugennocks' site (http://www.sinkers.org ).
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Larry Gambone said...

Good listings! Also want you to know I copied "Free The Sagoda 11" on my own blog...