Sunday, December 17, 2006

Eugene Plawiuk has just launched a new blog site entitled 'The Carnival of Anarchy'. This will be a "blog aggregator" site with contributions from many different people. It will come out as an on-line magazine, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or who knows. The first edition will be on Dec. 29th, but already the site has posts. Bugs Bunny, one of my favourites !!! (Molly aside: In my younger days as an outside cat I found rabbit to be an excellent aperitif). The old Warner Brothers cartoons were entertaining in a multi-level fashion that modern cartoons often fail to achieve. Anyways, the first post goes through a number of references and asides that make it plain why good ol' Bugs is interesting to anarchists in many different ways.
The first edition will focus on "Anarchist Blogs and anarchist blogging"
Step right up ! See it all ! Just this way folks ! All for free ! The wonders of the world, and not even a quarter !

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Larry Gambone said...

I was delighted to learn when visting the Peterborough petroglyphs that Nanabush, the Cosmic Trickster had the head and ears of a rabbit.