Thursday, December 14, 2006

The latest edition of 'Upping the Anti', a libertarian socialist journal produced in Toronto is now available. See or Autonomy and Solidarity in the contacts list below. This issue goes for $5 plus $2 postage. If you live outside of Canada the editors request that you order the journal through AK Press (see contacts under 'Anarchist Publishers and Distributors) as the cost of postage is prohibitive. The editors have put previous issues of the journal in a pdf format at their website.
  • This issue contains:
  • The Anti Imperialism of Our Times by Aijaz Ahmad
  • Latin America vs. Global Capitalism by William Robinson
  • Making Friends With Failure by AK Thompson
  • Haiti:Adventures in Colonialism by Isabel McDonald
  • The Zapatistas: Enter The Intergalactic by RJ Marconi
  • How To Keep On Keeping On by Jen Plyler
  • A Round Table On the Six Nations

Much, much more

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