Friday, December 22, 2006

Properly conscious nitpickers will notice that I haven't listed Winnipeg IMC amongst the links on this blog. I have, however, listed Info-Usurpa Winnipeg. Some months ago there was a "great dispute" in the teapot of Winnipeg's IMC about whether Info-Usurpa, modelled on the Spanish anarchist Info-Usurpas, should be "allowed" to post their notices of events as "news" on the IMC board. The decision was that they should not be allowed this obviously redundant privilege because the IMC already had an events board. What is happening with this "events calender" today ? For some time now the only events that have been listed on the IMC board are events that are in the past. Right now they have "caught up to reality" and listed events 5 days in the past.
But this is hardly the greatest problem with Winnipeg IMC. Despite the efforts of local activist Nick Ternette it has been weeks and perhaps even months since any item posted on the Winnipeg IMC board has had any relevance to local affairs whatsoever. Until today that is. Today we were treated to a blast from one of the usual anti-semitic crew that have infested said board for a very long time about the Asper Human Rights Centre. Now Molly is hardly ever in favour of government grants to anything, and so I am opposed to government grants to said Centre. But still, there are a quazillion examples of free government money to bitch about. Why the Asper Centre. Only because Winnipeg IMC has become the plaything of anti-semitic nuts and those who wish to argue with them.
The situation has become so bad that the posts from the insane and the commie simps who worship the Cuban dictatorship can be seen as a "blessed relief" from the usual drivel. The drivel would best be played out on the Gaza-Israel border with the most extreme players on both sides lobbing their verbal grenades back and forth. It is so bad that I no longer have a clue whether the continued barrage of "fatwa pronouncements" are actually Islamist proclamations or attempts to mock same.
Molly's blog does not pretend to be anything like a "local events" blog, and so it is a sad state of affairs when I notice that items relevant to WINNIPEG, MANITOBA are more common on this blog they they are on the pretense of a local Indymedia Centre.
Assuming that the IMC still has anyone watching and editing it- a very long shot- it might be time to "call question". Does this enterprise serve any function anymore ? Is the patient so long gone that it would be best to end his suffering ?
No, I am not going to volunteer to go to endless meetings to argue endlessly about reforming this atrocity- the usual call from those who have produced a monster instead of a baby. I have enough to do in my own life thank you very much. That sort of thing is for others who have more time than I do. But serious consideration should be given to whether Winnipeg IMC should continue to exist at all anymore. If you can't reform it- kill it. It is of no benefit to anyone in its present form.

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