Monday, December 04, 2006

The latest issue of the 'Industrial Worker', the monthly of the IWW (December, 2006) has arrived at the ol' cathouse. It contains an interesting insert with the title 'Books for Rebellious Workers'. Well, books it is in part, on the history of the IWW and on contemporary labour struggles, IWW and otherwise. There's the old faithful 'The Little Red Songbook' with guitar chords for the musical amongst us. The catalogue also has other items, posters, tee shirts, buttons, baseball caps, patches, sports pennants and CDs for those who prefer their music heard rather than read. There's also the 'Solidarity Forever' 2007 IWW calender.
Seems like there might be something here to leave under the tree for your favourite black cat this Christmas. The items can be viewed and ordered online at the IWW website -or see the syndicalist links at the bottom of this blog. a copy of the insert is probably also available by emailing the IWW at , phoning them at 215-222-1905 or writing them at Industrial Workers of the World, Box 42777, Philadelphia PA, 19101, USA.
Molly aside: How do you do like my new do in the upper left? It's the getup I wore to the Black Cat Ball last All Souls Day. A hissing good time was had by all. Enough of the off-green stuff. I promised more icons and I deliver. Order from the IWW, and they'll deliver too.

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