Friday, December 01, 2006

A Little Explanation on Structure:
I have stated before that this blog is not exclusively anarchist. It will contain items that may seem far from the major focus of the links section. The links section, by the way, has flipped back to the bottom of the blog for no good reason. May Dread Cthulthu visit the administrators of . It will flip back to the left again, once more for no good reason that I can discern.
To the more ideological amongst the readers here it should be noted that those who may visit this little outpost for matters astronomical, historical, linguistic, jocular or any other general interest matter will be exposed to anarchism, perhaps for the first time. Also, there is a deep connection between at least the underlying ideas of anarchism if not the ideology of same especially as promoted by some American based cults (though not by the vast majority of anarchists outside of the USA) and "amateur science" such as astronomy or ecology. The annual "bird counts" in almost all communities in North America (elsewhere ?) are an example of science at its best. Babble about "getting close to the earth by critiquing western science based world views' is religion in the making, without the intellectual nor artistic quality of real religions.
The author of this blog has done his yeoman's duty of publishing scientific articles many years ago, though he no longer does such as he is more than busy enough with a clinical practice. The publishing is for other younger, wiser and more ambitious people. Yet there is an incredible beauty in the process of scientific discovery that the scientific community has been very lax in expressing, perhaps because many of its practitioners don't share the aesthetic sensibility that leads to real advance in science. Science has become too much of a bureaucratic enterprise these days, and the bureaucratization advances by the year. However much I may admire the advances of genomics, for instance, it is a bureaucratic enterprise par excellence, whether it be done by a public or a private consortium. The advances in evolutionary biology are far less constrained by "funding fads". There are also areas of science that can still admit the input of "amateurs". Comet discovery. Local ecology. Zoology and botany. The list goes on. Much more on this later.
By the way, the little iconic version of Molly as an angry green cat indicates an union related post, whether this be syndicalist or otherwise. More icons will hopefully follow for clarity.

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