Sunday, December 03, 2006

Iggy Loses:
My fellow blogonauts Larry Gambone and Eugene Plawiuk(see the 'Blogs' section on the links at the bottom of this page) have had quite a tilt at Michael Ignatieff in the past few weeks. Neither one liked 'The Ig' very much at all, though I think they may have overstated his commitment to the neo-con position. It's hard to say if somebody like Ignatieff has any firm position at all on anything, right down to which shoe to put on which foot in the morning. As such he would have made a great Liberal leader as the pure distilled essence of said Party is to be all things to all people in Canadian politics. Anyways, Stephan Dion is now leader, and I'm afraid that few of us outside of Quebec know much about him. In Quebec he is regularly caricatured as a "rat" in editorial cartoons.
Speaking of which...the Sun Media has recently released an entertaining cartoon in the papers that they control. The panel features the standard political convention with placards waving sheep and balloons. The announcement from off-panel says, "...and the new leader of Alberta's Conservative Party is...Michael Ignatieff". The word balloon from two party members says, "...I knew it was a mistake to hold both conventions on the same weekend."
The new leader of the Alberta Conservatives is Ed Stelmach, who snuck through the party establishment candidate, Jim Dinning, and the hard right ideologue Ted Morton, to win the leadership.
Well, maybe Gambone and Plawiuk are right after all. Ignatieff would have made a good Alberta Conservative leader, perhaps a better one than the man they elected this weekend. At this time Michael is praying for a Pinochet style heart attack on the part of Eddy. A "draft Mike" movement is afoot.

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