Thursday, December 14, 2006

Interesting New Link:
While reading a recent edition of the 'Compendium for Continuing Education for the Practicing Veterinarian' Molly came across an interesting reference on their "Web Sights" page. It was to the How Things Work ( -or see 'Other Interesting Links' below) site. This is sort of an "alternative encyclopedia site that has gained some fame in the mass media such as Time Magazine. A quick perusal of the site told our dear cat that there was indeed a wealth of information waiting there, even if the introductory menu may scream "bullshit". Why do automobiles rate the same status as people as a category, especially as a search through the people category finds that such matters as government, sociology, economics,etc. are stacked under a heading that suggests it is nothing but Paris Elvis comes back in a flying saucer and marries Brad Dion and they divorce two days later, with the blessing of Rosy Gibson.
Molly Aside: Thank God for approaching senility. Through several decades I have had to make efforts to avoid knowing "pseudo-facts" about the imaginary demi-gods called "celebrities" in the popular mythology that has replaced religion in North America. My eventual goal is to know NO movie star, sports hero or popular musician who hasn't been dead at least 20 years. The goal for TV has already been achieved. I basically know none of them, not a single one. I can cram the extra mental space freed up with words in foreign languages, historical sights across the world, interesting facts in biology and astronomy and the occasional mathematical formula. I am pleased to announce that I had to strain my brain to construct the above and even had to pull out Time magazine to complete the scrabble puzzle. Forgetfulness is a wonderful thing. I have the same attitude to "celebrity facts" as I do to fleas. I love killing them, and I don't want them infesting me.
Back to regular programming now. This site is actually quite an interesting source of information. It's well worth the time wasted browsing it. Not just for the facts, but for the unintentional humour. Some of this is provided by chance juxtapositions. In their listings 'How Bigfoot Works' is followed by 'How Botox Works'. Does the Sasquatch really need a facelift that much ? As you can gather the site is rather indiscriminate. Better yet 'How the Mafia Works' is followed by 'How Lethal Injection Works'. Uhhh...about the same. The Mafia and government. Get the punch line ? All this is quite unintentional. Not even the chance conjunctions of alphabetical order.
My favourite in my brief browsings was 'How Vampires Work'. Hot ziggedly dog. The classic straight line. The graveyard shift ? Nine to night ? More in the winter and less in the summer ? Bloody hard ? With diligence but in vein ? The possibilities are endless for one liners.
Take a look and enjoy,

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