Wednesday, December 24, 2008

HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!!!!!:
To all my faithful readers, to my not-so-faithful readers, to my friends, to my enemies and to those who don't know me from Adam...HAPPY HOLIDAYS . As the sun reverses its course and the days get longer may your days be long and sunny as well. may the New Year bring all the best.
Don't forget to candy cane the powers that be.


Larry Gambone said...

All the best to you too, and anyone else reading this! 2008 was the most interesting year I have lived thru since 1968. May the year 2009 be even more interesting!

Nicolas said...

Nice way to put it. I think I'm gonna steal your words.

Oh, and hope you have a wonderfull year (wish you a prairie anarchist-communist --or social anarchist if that's more of your taste-- for 2009, youd deserve it).

Paul said...