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The following appeal for solidarity with anti-fascist "Yura M" comes from the Russian anarchist news site Avtonom via the A-Infos website. Molly has to mention that she disagrees quite vehemently with the "insurrectionism" that thsi comrade has adopted. Such a stance abandons the whole idea of long term organization, leads to adventurism and eventually irrelevance as the "elite" is substituted for the ordinary people under the delusion of "exemplary actions". It is a highway to despair. Yet, the comrade in question is still quite young and has done exemplary work. Unlike the hardened ideologues of this form of "tactics" here in NA the Russian comrade has actually endured some personal risk, for which he is paying now. As I said, he is young, and his views may (probably will) be quite different in the years to come. Thus he deserves our support. the story.... The following has been slightly edited for English grammar.
Russia, Vladivostok, Anarchist in need of solidarity:
On the 22nd of November two nazi skinheads attacked anarchist anti-fascist activist Yura M. in Vladivostok (Russian Far East).
---- Nazis met Yura on a bus, they recognised him, they knew that he is an active anarchist and antifascist, so after he left the bus they attacked him and hit him a couple of times. Yura used a knife to defend himself and stabbed both of the attackers, who were bigger than him.
---- The Nazis started running away - one of them soon fell down and died, the other broke both of his legs while he was jumping off a parapet. Yura called the ambulance and waited until it arrived. After this he was arrested by cops. Yura was shocked - he did not intend to kill anyone.
Yura is an active participant in anarchist and antifascist movement.In the Summer of 2007 he participated in the antinuclear protest camp in Angarsk, Irkutsk Region (East Siberia). On the 21st of July 2007 the camp was violently attacked by Nazis, one activist was murdered (a good friend of Yura, Ilya Borodaenko from Nakhodka near Vladivostok),Yura was one of the few people who were fast enough to resist the attackers in Angarsk,but was severely beaten and spent more than two months in a hospital, fighting for his life due to complications which were a result of neglect during first hours of his hospitalization. His health condition still remains weak, and after Angarsk event he got a disability status. But he continued his activities in Vladivostok anyway and got multiple threats from local Nazis.
Yura has played a crucial role in organizing the anarchist and anti-fascist movements in the Russian far East. He set up the Pacific Rim Autonomous Action (which later split into Nahodka Autonomous Action and Vladivostok Autonomous Action due to distance between cities, but the Nahodka group dwindled after death of Ilya). During last year, Yura grew disillusioned with the federation concept of the organization, and moved more towards the insurrectionalist direction of anarchism, and he left Vladivostok Autonomous Action with most of the members of the group. However he stayed in friendly terms with Autonomous Action and participated in the internal discussions of the organization. In you may read (only in Russian) a criticism of the organization he recently wrote. He also kept publishing the local anarchist paper "Udar", back issues of which are available at in PDF format.
Vladivostok is among the Russian cities, where the street war between Nazis on one side and anarchists and antifascists on another side is most intense. For some incidents you may read from
Yura has now been released from custody, and murder charges changed to"exceeding limits of necessary self-defense". However various costs relating to his case are already 5500 euros, so his family is very much in a need of support!
You may donate through bank accounts and internet purses of ABC-Moscow.They are available at
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