Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This month seems to be the time for voting here at Molly's Blog. As mentioned before Molly's Blog is in the running for the 'Best Political Blog' of 2008 on the Canadian Blog Awards, and urge my friends, not-so-friends and enemies to go over there and vote for this blog.
Ah, but there's another contest on, this one for the Grinch of the Year Award by the US based Jobs With Justice Coalition. here's the story of their contest, where you can vote for the person or organization in the USA who have done the most harm to ordinary people in the past year.

VOTE NOW for National Grinch of the Year!‏:
Vote now in the ninth annual online Grinch of the Year election to determine the national figure who does the most harm to working families. This year's candidates are:
- RICHARD BERMAN, Anti-Worker Corporate Lobbyist
- WALL STREET Executives
- WRITE IN your own candidate
You can READ BELOW about why Richard Berman and Wall Street were nominated. Choose from those candidates or write-in your own!
Richard Berman, Anti-Worker Corporate Lobbyist
This Grinch isn't just trying to steal Christmas - he's trying to steal workers' rights!
A notorious lobbyist and hired gun for the alcohol, tobacco, and fast food industries, Rick Berman will say or do anything for the right price. He's mounted campaigns to relax drunk driving laws, downplay the public health impact of obesity and indoor tanning, and prevent an increase in the minimum wage. But he's on our Grinch list for his latest attacks on labor unions and their members.
Berman has waged a multi-million dollar PR campaign against unions and the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that would level the playing field by making it easier for workers to join unions. His smear campaigns do the dirty work for corporate special interests who want to deny their employees a fair wage,health care benefits, and safety on the job.
Let's stop Grinch Berman before he and his corporate backers make off with workers' share of the American Dream.
Wall Street Executives
Over the past 30 years, conservatives successfully gutted regulation and preached 'smaller government' while millions of Americans lost good jobs and Wall Street and corporate America made record profits. Wall Street invented new, more complicated ways to make money off other people's money.
Now that the party's over, Wall Street wants to plunder the rest of us to pay the bill for their greedy rampage. For conservatives and financial elites, when working class people face a crisis, plants close or health care costs triple,the system is working. They take all the private profits, but when the bubble bursts, and they can no longer sustain their profiteering rampage...
well, they're too big to fail. And who pays the bill? The CEOs are telling Congress to send the bill to working people - the very people who have been forced out of their housing, out of their jobs, out of their health care and out of their pensions by Wall Street's greed.
READ MORE about the Wall Street Bailout and our plans for a "PEOPLE'S BAILOUT": http://www.unionvoice.org/ct/vd_xDw71AcDp/

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