Saturday, December 06, 2008


There are some new great hits from the Anarchist Voices Project, an anarchist video website. Most good, though Molly has some serious doubts about the last item.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! Of course there are varying viewpoints expressed on the project, as is also the case with AVVP's sister project namely Total Liberty magazine. TL also has a page on the AVVP site with 20 plus back issues as pdf files for free download. Many of the people in the avvp video clips also write for the magazine. See
best wishes
Jonathan Simcock

mollymew said...

Glad you liked the mention. Total Liberty, by the way, is a great magazine, and Molly recommends it highly. I'll try and see if my links are up to date for your efforts.
This sort of project, of course, is quite different from that of an anarchist organization. Any such organization could simply not include such viewpoints as "anarcho-capitalism" and hope to be anything worthwhile participating in. The goals of an organization are quite different from that of a magazine or an archive.
So, I am not too strenous in my objections. I merely mentioned them. I tend to put anarcho-capitalism in the same category of "export of American academic industrial waste" as I do such things as primitivism and post-leftism. I sincerely hope that our American comrades can out-compete them in their homeland, but for the rest of us their origin is a point worth noting.