Friday, December 05, 2008

Over the past few years the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) has had increasing success in unionizing workers at the Starbucks chain of coffee shops. the bosses have, of course, fought back, but their tactics are little more than the usual contempt with which they treat their employees. Here's a case in point from the website of the IWW and appeal for help for one of the Starbucks workers. Help out if you can.

Call-In/Text-In Action: Demand Starbucks Pay Barista Her Wages!:
Fellow Union Members and Friends:
Anna Hurst is a New York City barista, Starbucks Union member, and a single mother of two.

One day in August, Anna went home ill from work at Starbucks. In retaliation, her store manager - abruptly and without notice - denied her any work hours for two full weeks.
Anna needs the money she's owed to put food on the table, pay her bills, and buy Christmas presents for her children.

Call and/or text message store manager Gwendolyn Krueger today at 551-497-0127 and demand that Starbucks pay Anna what she is owed!

This action for dignity will last seven days, Dec. 5-Dec. 12

Thank you for your solidarity and please share this e-mail with friends and co-workers.
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