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Molly has mentioned at least one of the following incidents on this blog before. On December 1 a family of Swedish syndicalists, affiliated to the anarchosyndicalist SAC, were almost killed by an arson attempt on their apartment. Also, however, on the 29th of November, the Swedish autonomous cultural centre Cyklopen was also burnt down by fascist arsonists. Both the family and the Centre need your support, the family to rebuild their lives and the Centre to open once more. Here's the appeal from the Swedish website Anarkisterna.
Support the victims of Neo-Nazi arsons:‏
Please help us spread this call for solidarity on lists, blogs and pages.Support is needed, both for the family that has lost almost all of their belongings in the attack on their apartment and for financing the rebuilding of the Cyclops.
Thanks /embryo collective
The “Salem March” is the biggest annual Neo-Nazi gathering in Scandinavia.It is an alleged “commemoration” event for a Swedish youth with contacts to the country’s extreme right who died during a late-evening confrontation with migrant youths in the year 2000 in Salem, a suburb of Stockholm. In the weeks leading up to this year’s march, neofascists engaged in a series of attacks against antifascist activists.
On the 29th of November, the autonomous cultural center Cyklopen was burned to the ground. The fire coincided with a planned meeting of the Network Against Racism that organizes protests against the Salem March every year. Luckily, the meeting did not take place that night, so no one got injured in the blaze. According to authorities, the fire was a certain case of arson and the perpetrators are suspected in the neofascist scene. Cyklopen had been threatened various times before. The neofascists know that autonomous left-wing spaces are a cornerstone of effective antifascist work.
On the 1st of December, there was an arson attack on the apartment of two members of Sweden’s anarchosyndicalist union SAC and their three-year old child. One of them explained: “I saw how someone poured some clear fluid into the hallway through the mail-slot. I could smell that it was gasoline. I screamed as loud as I could, ‘We have a child here!’ It is impossible that they did not hear me. Next thing I know, they set the gasoline on fire.” While the child was handed down from the apartment’s third-storey balcony to neighbors below, the two adults were able to climb to safety. The police treats the attack as politically motivated. They strongly suspect the perpetrators to be the same as in the Cyclopen attack. Half a year ago, the names and pictures of SAC members had been published on Info-14, an internet portal of the Swedish extreme right that is closely connected to the organizers of the Salem March.
There exist solidarity accounts for the victims of the attacks:
The “December Collection” (Decemberinsamlingen) serves as emergency help for the family that has lost almost all of their belongings in the attack on their apartment:
Re: Decemberinsamlingen
Addressee: SAC
IBAN: SE24 9500 0099 6034 0809 9236
The Cyklopen activists are determined to rebuild their center – financial help can be sent here:
Re: Cyklopen
Addressee: Kulturkampanjen
IBAN: SE09 9500 0099 6034 1607 5525

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