Monday, December 01, 2008

For many years now the Anarchist FAQ has been a pre-eminent online source for an introduction to and general information on anarchism. it hasn't been a static document, but rather is being continually updates, revised and expanded. here's the story of the latest update from the Anarkismo site. The A FAQ is also now available (Volume 1 anyways) in printed format, as note below. The official book launch will happen at the Glasgow Radical Independent Bookfair this coming December 6. Too bad it's across the pond.

An Anarchist FAQ has been updated:
Monday December 01, 2008 16:20
by Anarchist FAQ
version 13.0

The section on the anarchist critique of Marxism has been revised, plus publication and AFAQ blog news.

An Anarchist FAQ has been updated (version 13.0)An Anarchist FAQ has been updated to version 13.0 on the 11th of November, 2008 (sorry for the delay in announcing it).

"An Anarchist FAQ" is an in depth introduction to anarchist ideas, ideals and history. It explains why anarchism is anti-hierarchy, anti-state and anti-capitalist. It discusses why anarchists oppose the current system, how we plan to change it and what kind of society we want."An Anarchist FAQ" can be found at:
(the last webpage is the old "main" site. If you link to that, could you please change it one of the alias sites. Thanks!)There is a new mirror for AFAQ (
plus an official AFAQ Blog

The blog will be used to make announcements, news, post replies to criticism as well present material which was not included in the final version (for whatever reason) or unfinished material which may be of interest to readers.
So What's New in the FAQ?
Version 13.0
An Anarchist FAQ has been published

An Anarchist FAQ, at long last, has now been published by AK Press. Volume 1 (introductions, sections A to F, plus the appendix on the symbols of Anarchy) is now available (ISBN: 978-1902593906) from AK Press
( or
Section H
Significant revision of the section on the anarchist critique of Marxism. Removing of section H.2.15 as this is covered elsewhere in section H as well as section H.2.16 (on the Spanish Revolution) as this is covered in section I.8.11.
section H.6
New section on the Russian Revolution, including an expansion of what were sections H.3.15 and H.3.16 plus a new subsection on labour protest under Lenin (

This revision was made as part of getting the second volume of the FAQ ready for publication.
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