Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The votes are in , and the results are final. The Jobs With Justice Coalition's contest for 'The Grinch of the Year' is..."Wall Street Executives". Here's the story.
And the Winner for 2008 Grinch of the Year is...:
All of the candidates for Grinch of the Year were deserving of this year's prize, but ultimately Wall Street's unchecked corporate greed secured them the award for 2008 National Grinch of the Year. Thousands of votes were cast in this year's contest, which pitted anti-worker corporate lobbyist Richard Berman against Wall Street Executives and current US Labor Secretary Elaine Chao. Wall Street won with 47% of the votes cast. Popular write-in candidates included Blue Diamond, American Airlines, United Airline, and perennial favorite and 2002 winner George W. Bush.
The 'Grinch of the Year' awards began locally with Jobs with Justice Coalitions around the country highlighting the greedy grinch in their hometowns, and that tradition continues.Union-busting Western Union edged out Mary Junck, CEO of Lee Enterprises (publisher of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch) and others in a crowded field in Missouri. In Colorado, JwJ delivered Grinch of the Year awards to Jake Jabs, CEO of American Furniture Warehouse, and Steve Ells, CEO of Chipotle Mexican Grill.
Our hope is that these greedy grinches' hearts will grow 3 sizes bigger, as Dr. Seuss envisioned.

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