Friday, December 05, 2008

The following appeal for funds for class war prisoner Tomek Wilkoszewski comes via the Anarkismo website.

Poland: Anarchist Solidarity appeal for contributions:
by Anarchist Solidarity anarchistsolidarity at yahoo dot com

Appeal for support for prisoner Tomek Wilkoszewski and for those people sentenced for their part in the 2005 demo against the Council of Europe.
Please distribute widely / forward to comrades!
Anarchist Solidarity would like to appeal for contributions for the following;
1. Tomek Wilkoszewski
Tomek's case is well-known. He was sentenced to 15 years, has been in prison since 1996 and has been trying to get early release. He would like to appeal for release again soon.

In 2006, we made the last appeal for funds for Tomek. Enough money was collected for his last appeal and there was even some extra, which we are keeping in a fund for when he is released. Unfortunately, we were informed by ABC that all the money they had collected for Tomek has already been spent so we are going to pay for legal fees from the fund we have for when he is released. This means that there is no money left over for Tomek, should he be released. We would not like to see this situation.

It is important at this time to make a wider appeal for this as we also have some other cases pending or which need help now. Such as:
2. In Poland, it is illegal to collect money to pay for fines of people who have been sentenced. So please remember, we are NOT collecting for this. We are collecting for other things, but just thought this is worth mentioning. Because if we had a lot of money personally, which we don't, we'd have to give it to these people.

Today in Warsaw the case of the arrested at the demo against the Council of Europe was finally finished.

In 2005 the demo was held. 11 people were arrested. 1 had the case dismissed. One person, Adam Pazuryna, had his cased separated and was ultimately found not guilty. Today there was a verdict for 9 people. 2 were found not guilty but seven were found guilty. They were given probation and fines. Plus court costs. In general, quite high. Out of the reach of all of them. Remember, they are not allowed, by Polish law, to collect money publicly to cover these fines, although of course their friends and comrades can help out.

We are appealing now to people who could show some solidarity to make a contribution for this antirepression work.
The bank account number is:
Jakub Gawlikowski
PL05 1140 2004 0000 3702 4238 2269
BRE Bank S.A. Retail Banking, al. Mickiewicza 10, 90-050 Łódź
SORT CODE: 11402004
Write "for Tomek"

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