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The following are communiques from the workers occupying the headquarters of the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE in the Greek abbreviation). These workers have found it necessary to respond to respond to lies being told about them by the GSEE boss, Mr Panagopoulos, a life long PASOK (Greek socialist party) bureaucrat.As to why Greek workers are enraged at their union bosses it merely serves to mention that these arms of the state actually receive part of their bloated funds from compulsory deductions from social security payments. In these troubled days the bosses are asking that their generosity be repaid, and too many union bureaucrats seem eager to respond. The following two messages are from the Anarkismo website. Please follow the blog that has been set up by the workers occupying the headquarters. If you cannot read Greek use Google Translate.
From the liberated building of GSEE:
by Proletarian Initiativ
Communiques #2 and #3
English translations of the 2nd and 3nd communique. Both are responses to Panagopoulos' (president of GSEE in Greece) claims.
Communique #2
(17 December)
An offhand answer to "mr." Panagopoulos regarding his statements on NET channel (State TV station in Greece).
"Mister" Panagopoulos stated on the state channel (NET), that "some youngsters occupied the building of GSEE (...) if they were manual workers, they'd be on building sites now (...)".
This unearthly subject, belonging to the managerial staff of National Bank of Greece,that "represents" the workers, where is he himself now, and what does he know about building sites?
He has been a technocrat for his entire life, a manager in State Companies (DEKO), a party wangler and a gravedigger of struggles. This spokesman of PASOK politics within the workers' movement lives in the northern suburbs, smokes cigars and gets a fat paycheck, from National Bank and GSEE, while administering huge state and European-union funds.
He got promoted from his boss, while it is forbidden for trade unionists to get a promotion during their service time - and he accepted the promotion.
He organized a conference for the 90 years of GSEE in the amphitheater of National Bank, namely the amphitheater of his boss mr. Arapoglou, with funds of the Foreign Office, thus showing his intentions and his class position.
Panagopoulos can go join his bosses, just as he does every day. Just as he signs the collective agreement with the employers, giving us the lower wages in Europe.
How dare he reproach the insurgent workers, he who is the ringleader of repressing every labor demand?
Here in the occupied GSEE, there is plaque that commemorates each of its leaders. Above the name of Panagopoulos, there are many other names of bureaucrats who got the reward of becoming PMs: Kanellopoulos, Protopapas, Polizogopoulos. On this plaque there are also the names of the appointed (not elected) professional unionists during Junta and the Occupation. That's where Panagopoulos' name deserves to be.
He can abandon us where we've been since forever: at work, unemployed, in our class position, in our night shifts, on the streets, on the insurrection during daytime, on the street...
If Panagopoulos has worries about those who now are at work, let him stay calm. They will turn up for the evening assembly, that will open up the building he kept closed during all these years. They will not go to work tomorrow -the day he refused to call for a strike-, to hit the streets and express their rage.
A rage Panagopoulos can't and does not want to comprehend, because that's what his fat paycheck and his repressive role dictate...
Here we are...
Proletarian Initiative from (not that young) night workers of the liberated GSEE building
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Communique #3
(17 December 2008)
by same as above
Thu Dec 18, 2008 23:49
An answer from the liberated building of GSEE
Panagopoulos declared this morning that we are not workers, since workers are at work. This, among many other things, reveals what Panagopoulos' "job" really is. Panagopoulos' "job" is to make sure that workers are at work, to do everything within his reach to secure that workers are at work.
But for the last ten days, workers are not only at work, they are out on the streets. And this is a fact that Panagopoulos and every Panagopoulos can't hide, even if he succeeds in hiding the sun that brings light to our steps and rage onto the streets of this city.
We are working people, we are jobless (paying in layoffs our participation in strikes called by GSEE, when they -the trade unionists- are rewarded with promotions), we are working under contract moving from job to job, we work unsecured formally or informally in "stage" programs or in subsidised jobs to lower the unemployment indices. We are part of this world and we are here. Whoever wants to understand can understand.
We are insurgent workers, end of story.
Every single one of our revenue stamps is paid with blood, sweat, violence, broken waists, broken hands, knees, feet, heads.
The entire world is made by us, the workers.
PS. We heard on the radio that our act was an artistic happening. We accept this characterization, but only as far as the proletariat will abolish art and philosophy (along with state and capital)
...two enraged proletarians from the liberated GSEE

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