Saturday, December 13, 2008


The following is from the A-Infos website, translated from the French. The ESE, Eleftheriaki Syndikalistiki Enosi (Libertarian Syndicalist Union), is the Greek anarcho-syndicalist union, broadly sympathetic to the non-AIT trend in international anarcho-syndicalism. When Molly was in Greece some years ago she met with a militant of said union. It is still a small outfit, but growing.
Greece: Class struggle against the bosses and the state who exploit and murder us:
The murder of 16 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos by the roving assassins of the Greek Police was not a chance incident, nor an isolated one. In the last few months alone Toni Onoua in Kalamaria, Mohamed Asraf in St Panteleimonas and Maria Koulouri in Leukimi have all died as a result of police actions. All this isn't the result of a few hot-headed policemen but the results of the general tactics of the repressive forces. Those who continue to talk of chance or bad luck are not just ridiculous they are accomplices of the system.
---- The State assassins have set the scene for general repression across the country.
---- In the last few months those who have gone out into the streets, who have fought,who have demanded, who have challenged the peace between the classes have been the victim of gratuitous violence at the hands of the state. Tear gas and chemical weapons have been the more lenient weapons used to repress them. Often there have been beatings, arrest and even torture of those held in police custody.
Faith in the false well-being that capitalism promised has been destroyed by the economic crisis we, the workers, have been experiencing these last few years as bosses and the state illegally attack the world of work and brutally repress any voices of protest. The democracy of the bosses, of the industrialists and of the authoritarians doesn't merely resemble dictatorship, it is dictatorship.
The responses of the working class to the murder of this schoolchild were direct as we went out and joined together in the streets.
Any reaction to this is justified and the accumulated violence that we accept every day, will be thrown back at those who practise it every day .
We respond with the response of the class against the state and the bosses because it is the only path that we'll let ourselves follow, the only one that we know.
ESE, Eleftheriaki Syndikalistiki Enosi (Libertarian Syndicalist Union)
(note from the translator - This is from Greek to French to English. I've tried to translate it as faithfully as possible, French anarchists have a habit of writing like this so a direct translation from the Greek might be a bit different.)

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