Thursday, December 18, 2008


Zara Canada is a peddler of high fashion clothes, something that Molly is sadly (?) unfamiliar with. Their treatment of their employees, however, hasn't been fashionable since the days of Dickens and Scrooge. When the workers at Zara joined the union Unite Here to improve their lot in life and defend themselves against high handed behavior management retaliated with even more attacks, many of which may break the Québec labour code. The union has called on consumers to show their solidarity by writing management demanding they stop such actions. Now would be a good time for these Ebenezers to get a bit of the Christmas spirit. Here's the appeal from the union and what you can do to help.
Stop Unfashionable Conduct at Zara:
Zara workers joined UNITE HERE in Fall 2007 in order to improve working conditions at their store. They were tired of their unpredictable schedules, working shortstaffed, bosses' favoritism, and disregard for seniority.

Instead of respecting employees' right to join a union, since Fall 2007, ZARA has engaged in conduct which may have violated the Québec Labour Code, including:
***Firing four employees who supported the union at ZARA's Rockland Mall store in April and May 2008
***Demoting two employees who led a union drive at ZARA's downtown Montreal store in August 2007
***Holding anti-union meetings at three Montreal stores in 2007-2008, in one case telling employees that joining a union is "treason" against the company.
Send the following message to David Pastrana, President of Zara Canada:
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Please go to THIS LINK to send the following letter.
Subject:Respect Zara Workers' Right to Join a Union!
Dear [ Decision Maker ],
Zara is known as a progressive company on the cutting edge of fashion, but when it comes to respect for workers? rights, here in Canada Zara seems to be stuck in the 19th century.
As a Zara customer, I support the right of Zara workers to join a union and want to shop at a company that treats its employees with respect. Respect Zara workers' right to join a union and commit to negotiating with them in good faith!

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