Saturday, May 30, 2009

The following is gambit # 1 in an experiment in "meme manipulation". The publishers of Archie Comics have hit a goldmine in their own latest gambit of Archie finally proposing to one of his perpetual girlfriends- Veronica. It has gathered them publicity across the world, publicity to die for. Even if you have a sneaking suspicion that issue # 600 will carry a 'jack in the box' that goes against the carefully constructed leaks that AC has devised you have to admire the intelligence behind this campaign. To say the least this has revitalized their brand. Maybe they will pull a total surprise later this summer. Maybe it will be nothing more than the usual comic book tactic of a "what-if" story. Still...look for sales of issue # 600 to go through the roof.
Molly is beginning her own little experiment in "meme manipulation" here. Is it possible for a single individual to turn such a mass marketing initiative on its head ? Please go to our sister site Molly's Polls to register your vote as to "Who Should Archie Marry ?' More on this game as it develops. Pawn to Q 4.

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