Thursday, May 07, 2009

The following story and appeal is from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). As more and more Canadians are finding themselves out of work in our present recession/depression they also come in contact with the EI system that, for many years, has been operated as a cash cow for general revenue rather than providing a reasonable safeguard for the unemployed. So far the Harper government has done nothing to ease the burden of these people by reforming the EI system. I guess that this is better than doing a Marie Antoinette imitation such as his pre-Christmas remarks that "this may be a good time to buy stocks". Still, it will take more than fuzzy sweaters to convince Canadians that Sneaky Stevie actually has any human feelings for the plebs. Here's the story...
Fix EI now:
Is there any doubt, EI needs a fix, now! Canada is going through the worst economic turmoil in a longtime. More and more workers are being laid off.

Those workers and their families need access to employment insurance.Prime Minister Stephen Harper has done nothing but talk about the problem.

Enough talk, now it’s time for action! CUPE is joining other voices in calling upon Harper to listen to the opposition parties, and the many voices across the country who are calling for the immediate reform of employment insurance. Let’s all work together and make it happen for the workers, their families and their communities.

What is needed now is public action. Write to Stephen Harper and tell him to listen to the voices of concerned Canadians. Tell him to:
**Revise the EI legislation to ensure that all mandatory EI premiums are returned to workers as benefits;
**Reduce the basic entrance requirement of 360 hours;
**Provide the benefits based on 60% of earnings over the best 12 weeks;
**Provide the benefit coverage for 50 weeks.
**Provide training for laid-off workers to access the new jobs created through public investment.
**Cancel plans for EI office closures.
**Make EI fair for mothers.

The EI system needs a major reform and energy to help unemployed workers their families, and their communities weather this recession.

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