Friday, May 01, 2009

The following is the May Day statement from the American anarchosyndicalist Workers' Solidarity Alliance (see also their My Space page). The following text has been taken from the A-Infos website.
US, Anarchist WSA May Day Greetings:
Dear friends, fellow and sister workers and comrades:
The Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA) extends our May Day Greetings to all workers across the world.
As the international struggle against capitalism and the state continues, and intensifies, it is our hope that the libertarian-socialist spirit of these struggles continue to develop and deepen and that our movement, the international class struggle anarchist movement, will also grow and develop and become an organized and visible part of the growing struggles. On this year of the 123rd Anniversary of the Chicago Haymarket Martyrs valiant struggle for workers' freedom, let us not let their spirit and their efforts to create a new world be forgotten. On this occasion, let us also not forget the duplicity of the bosses, nor the inhumanity of the state,whenever the hegemony and tyranny of these over society is seriously challenged, as it was challenged by our murdered brothers, the Haymarket Martyrs.
In the spirit of the Haymarket Martyrs then, let us not be fooled by the empty promises of bosses, bureaucrats, and politicians; let us instead learn to depend upon the solidarity of a united working-class, awakened to class consciousness, and dedicated to creating a future without bosses and rulers. A working class that unites across race, gender, sexual orientation and immigration status.
We are not fooled by Obama's rhetoric of a better and more just society. Clearly we recognize the historic significance of his election. Yet his cabinet is filled with those who continue to favor the corporate world. In some instances they will wage their fight against the working class in subtle ways. In other, the attack will be more frontal and in your face.
We must be vigilant. We must not forget that we live in a class society, regardless of who sits in the White House. We need to continue to march, we must continue to protest, we must continue to organize from below and we must build a new movement in the face of many odds.
Thus, let us work and struggle together to bring direct democracy and worker self-management to the workplace, while not overlooking the fight to attain better working conditions in the here and now. Let us fight for better housing and tenant control. Lets us struggle for community, as well as, workers control. Let us also stand in solidarity with our fellow workers around the world who are undergoing persecution due to their workplace organizing, the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, or because of their status as immigrants.
Finally, let us strive together to reach our full development as the genuine productive forces of society and to assume our rightful status in the world as the masters of our own destiny. Motivated by the fact that unlike our bosses, our landlords, bankers, politicians or bureaucrats, that we, the members of the working class, do not live off the exploitation and oppression of others.
As the cold days of winter turn into the warm days of spring, may the cold days of capitalist and state oppression also soon come to an end.
Yours in solidarity and struggle,
General Offices
339 Lafayette Street - Room 202
New York, NY 10012

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