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Opposition to any Olympic Games always has justification in terms of the residents of the city where it is held. To a large (exclusive ?) it is a "revenue transfer" scheme whereby ordinary taxpayers are required to subsidize the segment of the business community that does benefit from such events. The debt is passed on to the public while the profit is given to a small segment of the private sector. The following, from the No 2010 site gives a few more news items about opposition to the Olympics out on the west coast and the real cost of same.
My own personal favourite amongst these items is the story of the 73 year old "mail demon" who was visited by the police because of a mailing that he had done to the Vancouver Olympics organizing committee. That is his photograph, military medals included, above. One can only imagine the transcendent joy that the guy had when the bastards showed up at his door at a ridiculously early hour of the morning to question this incredible security threat. I wonder how many seconds it took him to be on the phone to the media after they left. Molly would pray for such an occurrence, though it would be pretty hard to get her to answer the phone at 6:00 am like when they visited a relative of hers. He was "buzzing" and told them to fuck off , thinking it was a prank call. When they did arrive about 1/2 hour later he kept the idiots from CSIS waiting until he had done all his morning routine. Ya wanna do your job you gotta pay your dues. Full shower. Make breakfast. Eat breakfast. Now, let's talk. Want any coffee ? Mind if I have a smoke ? Gotta clean the cat box. Ooops. gotta trim my toenails. So on and so forth.
Molly prays on bended knee for such publicity as has been given to the guy in Vancouver, for herself. Please, pretty please with sugar, try showing up at my door at an hour when the sun isn't even up at midsummer. I need the publicity desperately.
Anyways, here's what the people opposed to the Vancouver Olympics have to tell to you.
* Olympics Resistance Network downloads available at:
* Anti Olympic merchandise available at:
* Statement of Solidarity from Anti-2016 Olympics movement in Tokyo *
"Nagano which experienced the Olympic Games, Vancouver where the games will be arriving soon, Tokyo which has completed its bid for 2016 and is now part of the selection process. Citizens dealing with the problems of the Olympics from different cities reported on what they have experienced and we understood each other. Here we clearly recognized who profits most from the Olympics: those who are able to use the commercialism of the Olympics for their own ends, meaning, the developers, construction businesses, multi-national corporations, nationalists, the media, and the group which makes the most money, the IOC.
" For full statement:
* Olympic security costs concealed for 18 months *
by Bob Mackin in 24 Hours
"B.C. and federal government officials knew in July 2007 that the RCMP budget for securing the 2010 Winter Olympics would cost taxpayers at least $466 million. RCMP Access to Information documents obtained by the WorkLess Party show a new estimate was presented by the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit to a joint federal-provincial security committee on July 6, 2007. Then-B.C. 2010 Winter Games Secretariat CEO Annette Antoniak was in attendance."
For full story:
* IIHF investigating president over kickback scheme *
CBC News, May 10 2009
The International Ice Hockey Federation is investigating allegations of IIHF president Rene Fasel accepting kickbacks involving the IIHF's marketing partner and Fasel's childhood friend. The Zurich newspaper Sonntags Zeitung reported Sunday that Fasel benefited financially from marketing contracts awarded to Infront, which handles the television and marketing rights to the world hockey championship until 2017....Fasel has been a member of the International Olympic Committee since 1995 and last year was elected to its executive board to represent winter sports federations. He is also chairman of the co-ordination commission for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics."
For full story:
* Surrey man, 73, gets police visit after writing Vanoc *(Here is Molly's favourite story)
By Jeff Lee, Vancouver Sun
"Two police officers from the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit showed up at his Surrey home. In their hands was a photocopy of the envelope he’d sent to Vanoc recently. Scott knew he’d sent it because his name and return address were on it, but doesn’t recall which clipping the envelope contained. He thinks it had something to do with Vanoc going after a restaurant for using the word “Olympic” and wanting it to take down its signs. He admits he’s never been in favour of the Olympics and probably made that clear in his writings. “When I have policemen coming into my house because I wrote a letter, a non-threatening letter, I am absolutely disgusted,” he said."
For full story:
* Applications for 2010 Olympic torchbearers falling short *
May 09, 2009 05:47 PM by Stephanie Levitz, Canadian Press
"It seems the attempt to light the Olympic flame in the hearts of all Canadians has so far produced only a flicker. With only a few weeks left to apply to carry the torch for the 2010 Winter Games, applications are nowhere near the level of the 1988 Games in Calgary, when six million people vied for a spot along a much shorter route." (Hey, I volunteer, but I'll do whatever I want with the flame-nothing obscene of course-Molly)
For full story:
* Marine security plans for 2010 unveiled *
Canadian Press. Tuesday, April 29, 2009
"Marine security units will patrol waterways associated with the 2010 Olympic Games around the clock and will designate certain areas as restricted to the boating public. Among the security zones will be Vancouver's False Creek, which houses the Olympic athletes' village, and Burrard Inlet, which features the Games' broadcast centre."
For full story:\
* Report criticizes Olympic organizers for lack of transparency *
Georgia Straight, April 22, 2009
"Drafted by the Impact on Community Coalition, the report reviews decisions made by Vanoc, the City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia, and Canada in regards to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. A focus of the report is actions which the ICC claims “prevent public access though Freedom of Information requests”. The report notes that the B.C.2010 Olympic and Parolympic Winter Games Secretariat—a branch of the B.C.Economic Development Ministry—decided to stop recording minutes of its meetings. And also that Vanoc stopped forwarding its minutes to the B.C.Secretariat."
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