Sunday, May 03, 2009

The following has been all over the 'anarcho-net', but I have selected the version from the Anarkismo site to reprint here. To be honest, as I checked my links section I found that I was unaware that the IAS site was ever dead and in need of a relaunch. That's fine. That's fine. That's fine. It was probably about two months ago that I did that editing sweep. I wish them well, even if I have my own ideas of what anarchist intellectuals should be doing that may not coincide with the trashy post modernism and left over leftism that I suspect far too many anarchists imbibe in today's academy. I would be pleased as punch, for instance, to see real anarchist economics done in academia (outside of the Parecon people) or for real anarchist sociology and psychology, informed by evolutionary biology, to similarly be done. I personally think it is great that anarchism has now established an "academic presence". It wasn't so when I first became an anarchist all those decades ago. But still, there is a difference between an "anarchist intellectual" and an "useful anarchist intellectual", and the academics don't necessarily have the best grasp on reality. But that connection may be too much to hope for, but time will tell. Anyways, the announcement....
Announcing the Institute for Anarchist Studies Web Site!:
by Cindy Milstein - Institute for Anarchist Studies
Newly Relaunched for May Day!
Dear Friends and Comrades,
The Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) has newly relaunched its Web site, now available at

While a few of the features of this site are still under construction, we felt it necessary to make our public face known again. And what more appropriate day to bring our Web site into existence than May 1, International Workers' Day (or May Day if you will)? Expect all of the features to be updated shortly as the site reaches full fruition.
The IAS has undergone many changes, including a reconstituted board with new members who bring new energy to the project, alongside our longtime committed members who continue to provide guidance.
We will be publishing our journal Perspectives periodically on this site, and we will be starting with a series of articles on the late but brilliant Murray Bookchin written shortly after his passing.
We hope you will continue to follow the IAS through our Web site, bring members of our speakers bureau to your school or community, and consider a donation. Even just $5 a month will go a long ways toward funding future projects and continuing quality antiauthoritarian scholarship. We thank you for your support during the site rebuilding and encourage you to please continue to submit requests for funding. We hope you will also continue to support us in the future.
In solidarity,
The Board of the Institute for Anarchist Studies

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