Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's all in line with a certain misperception all to common in our society. The illusion is that workers in what are called the "caring professions" have to endure atrocious work conditions and low remuneration because they are "caring". To say the least this is hypocritical, and actually quite "predatory" if you look at it from the "oh, what about you Jack, point of view. From a "Martian" point of view it reeks of pure manipulation. Somehow you surrender your rights to self interest when you are "caring" for people where the paymasters are others who think you should "care" more than they do. Here's an example from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) asking for your solidarity with workers at the Hellenic Care Homes in Toronto who have been struggling for three years for a collective agreement. The management, of course, "cares", but they think that others ie their employees should "care more". The workers involved are calling for your public support.
Help Hellenic Homes for the Aged workers settle a first collective agreement:
Members of CUPE 4829 and CUPE 4830 were certified in 2006 and are still without a first collective agreement. The members work at two Hellenic Homes for the Aged in Toronto. The negotiations have been long and drawn out with an employer who shows no respect for CUPE members and the union in general. There are a number of issues with this employer including multiple disciplines, terminations and suspensions. Please e-mail the management team with this message, or create your own.
Please go to THIS LINK to send the following letter to the management of Hellenic Homes.
Please settle a first collective agreement with CUPE 4829 and CUPE 4830. These workers deserve a fair and reasonable settlement in a timely manner, the time is NOW. Stop intimidating CUPE members, stop making faces at CUPE members, stop telling CUPE members they don’t have a union. They do, the biggest union in the country is CUPE and CUPE is behind them all the way.

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