Thursday, May 21, 2009

Molly can't claim to have much interest in the sort of thing discussed below. Quite frankly it has been decades since I was "in fashion" of any sort- regular or alternative. Others, however, may be interested. Here, from the International Labor Rights Forum is their summer selection of sweat free apparel.

Are you a Summer Fashionista?:‏

Summer is just around the corner! This year you can update your summer collection and support workers around the world at the same time. Before you hit the stores to stock up on flip flops and tank tops, check out our 2009 Shop With a Conscience Consumer Guide, where you can find a list of retailers that offer cool sweatfree summer selections, all produced by unionized workers or worker owned cooperatives.

For those of you not in the mood for shopping, check out this handy list of other ways you can support garment factory workers.

Below are just two options for you to check out. For a complete list of companies, go to the Shop with a Conscience Consumer Guide.
Looking for Something for Yourself?
Looking for Something for Your School, Group, Team or Organization?

No Sweat Apparel offers a little bit of everything for summer, from USA-made tees, tanks and accessories just for you or wholesale and custom printed tees - all year round! For your trips to the beach, score a new organic cotton tshirt, produced in Palestine. All of No Sweat's products come from unionized factories or worker owned cooperatives. It’s a great deal—reasonably priced clothing for you, and fair wages for workers around the world.

Ethix Merch offers an extensive selection of products that you can custom design for your team or organization. They have everything from apparel and sports equipment to custom made bags, pens, and mugs. The products they customize are all made by unionized workers, and they offer wide variety of recycled, eco-friendly products. Protect the environment and fair working conditions for workers and promote your team or group at the same time!

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