Friday, May 22, 2009

Now here's a boycott that actually affects me personally, if only in a minor way. The following item from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) tells of how the Canadian Labour Congress is calling for a nationwide boycott of 'Old Dutch' products. This is in support of workers at the Calgary processing plant, represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401. These workers have been locked out since March 29, and the strike/lockout is such that they are calling for public support for their demands. You can find out more about the issue by visiting Local 401's website.
Anyways-how it affects me. Molly is what might be considered a "connoisseur of junk food". Some years back I looked at the listings for Seven 11s in the phone book. I cannot remember exactly how many there were, about 50 to 55, but, to my horror, I could remember being in all of them except perhaps 3. In the case of the three I am willing to admit that my memory isn't perfect, and perhaps I was in them as well. This is what happens when you drive across a city all day to make your living. To this day I am overjoyed if I find a Sweet Marie chocolate bar (much better than O'Henry) or Clamato Juice in a drinkable size on the shelves. Now, 'Old Dutch' chips have disappeared from the shelves in most convenience stores, though they are usually available at the service station co-ops where I buy my gas. To say the least this Canadian brand is far superior to the various American brands, such as 'Frito Lay' that have captured the shelves in the last few years, superior in both texture and taste. The difference is as stark as that between real locally baked bread and the 'Wonder Bread' that has been appearing on various shelves in the past few years.
So, sad to say, I will have to forgo the pleasure of Old Dutch chips until this boycott is over. Most of the other stuff mentioned below is easy. I doubt that the No Name, Safeway Blue Bag or President's Choice cat litter is manufactured in a food plant in Calgary, though, given corporate ethics you just never know. Personally I can do without Old Dutch chips easier than I could do without cat litter. Anyways, enough of this diversion, and feel suitably sorry for Molly. On with the story.
CLC launches boycott of Old Dutch:
Old Dutch Snack Foods has locked out UFCW 401 members at its Calgary processing plant.
To help pressure the company to settle, the Canadian Labour Congress is asking its affiliated unions - including CUPE - to boycott Old Dutch snack foods and the following brands produced at the locked-out plant:
**President's Choice - Western Grocers
**No Name - Western Grocers
**Great Value - WalMart
**Compliments Value - Sobeys
**Safeway Blue Bags - Safeway
**Co-op Krunchie - Co-op
**Cyclone - Overwaite (Is this really the name ? If it is the marketers deserve the "idiot of the year award-Molly)
"There are 170 families in Calgary who need our help," said Paul Moist. "Affecting sales is one way we can do that."
And don't forget Old Dutch chips- Molly


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