Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SHEEEEES BACK !!!!!!!!!!!
Well, Molly has just returned from her all expense paid vacation at the Hospital Hilton in beautiful Laceration, Manitoba, seaside tropical paradise of the prairies. Hot and cold running abdominal drainage tubes and Foley catheters provided for all guests interested in extreme sports. Great weight loss program---five days sucking on ice cubes. That's all ! The adventure vacation of all time. Got caught up on a lot of reading though. Lots of opportunity to do that if you do like Molly did and stay totally out of the Morphine Lounge. The drinks there really rot your mind, and you'll get no reading done whatsoever. Damned if it isn't bad enough being flat on your back for most of the day for days on end without having to endure being stoned as well with something you can't buy down at the liquor store. Take that advise from Molly the wise (and now even wiser because she was able to read).
Anyways, it's less than 24 hours since I've been back, and sitting in front of a computer for too long is tiring. More later, and expect me to be back in fighting trim soon, minus a body part that was rather treacherous anyways.
Love ta ya all,

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