Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last November 15 the sound of clucking could be heard in the streets of downtown St. John's Newfoundland as mining conglomerate Vale Inco chickened out from making an appearance at a scheduled Mining Conference. The cause...they heard that striking workers from their Voisey's Bay facilities were coming to demonstrate. Here's the story from the USW strike support site Fair Deal Now.
Vale Workers Travel to St John’s as Vale Inco Hides:
Striking miners from Voisey’s Bay travelled to St. John’s to demonstrate at a Mining Conference sponsored by Vale, but Vale doesn’t show up.

Upon hearing of United Steelworkers’ protest at the St. John’s Mining Conference, Vale didn’t ever set up a booth. This is in keeping with Vale’s cancelling of “Vale Day” at the New York Stock Exchange and other stakeholder meetings last month.

Pictured above are Brenda Andrew, Jerome O’Keefe (from Oil refinery), some other picketers from the St. John’s dockyard, Doug Saunders, Robert Legge, Bernie Power, Glen Nichols, Renee Edmunds, and Doreen Squires.

After realizing that Vale was going to be a no-show, the workers (from Voisey’s Bay and the St. John’s dockyards) took their protest to the Baine Johnson building where Vale Inco has its Atlantic Canada Headquarters.

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