Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The ongoing debate about whether Canadian troops have been deliberately handing over detainees for torture to the Afghan government and whether the Canadian government knew all about this continues in Parliament and the press. Molly has briefly commented on a this a couple of days ago. The following petition appeal is from the Canadian anti-militarist group , and they are asking you to write the leaders of the federal political parties demanding a full public inquiry into the allegations. Here's the appeal.
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The news from Ottawa is shocking. Senior intelligence officer Richard Colvin repeatedly warned the government about the routine use of torture in Afghan prisons, yet the Canadian Forces continued to hand over their prisoners to brutal Afghan authorities.
Stephen Harper's Conservative government, rather than taking the charges seriously, has instead used a smear campaign to attack Mr. Colvin. We cannot trust the military, or this government, to investigate itself.
Please send your letter to all of the party leaders, calling for an independent public inquiry into the conduct of government and military officials at the highest levels.We must learn the truth, and hold those responsible accountable for their actions, and their inaction. We cannot allow Canada to be complicit in torture.

In peace,

Steven Staples,
P.S. After you send your letter, please make your donation to's campaign to end Canada's war in Afghanistan. If you have already made a gift recently, please accept our thanks.
Please use the link above or go to THIS LINK to send the following letter to the leaders of Canada's federal political parties.
Dear Prime Minister Harper,
I am very concerned by the recent testimony of senior intelligence officer Richard Colvin.
According to Mr. Colvin, who served in Afghanistan and is currently posted to Canada's embassy in Washington, the government received repeated warnings that people who were taken prisoner and transferred to Afghan authorities by Canadian troops were tortured by the Afghans. Yet the Canadian government failed to act.

I support the call for an independent public inquiry into the possibility that government and military officials abandoned their responsibility to ensure Canada acted within Canadian and International law, and upheld Canadian values.
I look forward to your reply.
Monsieur le Premier ministre,
Le récent témoignage de Richard Colvin, officier senior du renseignement, m’inquiète beaucoup.

D’après monsieur Colvin, qui a servi en Afghanistan et qui est aujourd’hui en poste à l’ambassade du Canada à Washington, le gouvernement canadien a reçu maints avertissements selon lesquels les gens faits prisonniers par les soldats canadiens et transférés aux autorités afghanes étaient torturés par les Afghans. Or, le gouvernement canadien a refusé d’agir.

Il est possible que le gouvernement et les autorités militaires n’aient pas vu à ce que le Canada agisse selon les lois canadiennes et le droit international et respecte les valeurs canadiennes, comme ils en ont la responsabilité. J’appuie donc l’appel en faveur d’une enquête publique indépendante là-dessus.

En attendant votre réponse, Monsieur le Premier ministre, je vous prie d’agréer mes salutations respectueuses.

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