Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The following pleasing little piece of news about a new anarchist organization in the country of Denmark comes from the Anarkismo anarchist news website.
Libertære Socialister/Libertarian Socialists formed in Denmark!:
The 8th of November witnessed the founding conference of the Danish group Libertære Socialister (literally: Libertarian Socialists). It's over ten years since Denmark last had a specifically socialist anarchist group, so this happy event was long overdue. Over two days, 18 representatives from local groups in Aalborg, Århus, Copenhagen and Svendborg, as well as members of the sister organizations SUF (Sweden) and Motmakt (Norway) met in good spirits to discuss and vote in a constitution, political platform and an action plan for 2010.
Politically, Libertære Socialister has oriented itself towards syndicalist, anarcho-communist and collectivist anarchist currents, as well as council communists and other strains of libertarian socialism. In practice, it will be organised on the basis of local groups organized together by way of direct democracy in a federal structure. These local groups will be supplemented by working groups that will deal with specific political or practical issues.
Libertære Socialister expects to start with approximately 25 members nationwide, and welcomes contact with like-minded groups abroad - they can be contacted at
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To say the least Molly approves, particularly in terms of the name choice. Throughout most of the world, including here in Canada, the word "socialist" hardly has the mountainous difficulty in public acceptance that such words as "anarchist" or especially "communist" do. The only country in the world where this label would present difficulties and endless wasted hours in trying to redefine preconceptions would be the USA. It has to be said, however, that as to the average American who thinks this is a dirty word that they wouldn't know a socialist if he came up behind them and nationalized their asshole (with excessive compensation of course). Similarly the word "libertarian" hardly leads to confusion outside of the USA where there is the world's one and only influential "libertarian" culture and party on the right.
It is also commendable that the comrades have seen the need to focus on the socialist heart of what anarchism is. Far too often this is more than slightly obscured by a frenzied issue hopping and the illusion that sheer activism equals some sort of progress. Anarchism has grown tremendously in the last few decades, but until it pays attention to the often "boring" ( to some who have romantic illusions ) everyday details of economics and people's ordinary lives it will be doomed to remain the property of a closed sect. Similarly anarchism cannot progress beyond the possession of an incestuous subculture or academic fad until it recognizes the crying need for organization, no matter how small to begin with.
Good luck to the new Danish organization, and may all their herrings be well pickled and the Mermaid always smile on them.


Rasmus U. Pinnerup said...

Thank you very much for your kind words :)

Daniell Marcussen said...

I would also like to say thanks Molly! Very nice of you!